Monday, 5 November 2012

Blogging with comic isn't that easy

So you might notice,
I like to draw.

I use to draw a lot on scrap paper when I was in highschool. 
Something like this.

Though the above drawing was quite recent,
my old drawings were mostly like that,
only eyes, half a face.

I would cut up the scrap paper at home
and make it into a small booklet tied together with raffia string,
chuck it in my school bag, and bring it to school everyday.

I never finished using any of them.
Because being the typical me,
I keep losing them.

Now I've transferred to drawing on my own face instead.
Because drawing on paper is too mainstream.

Comic version of myself.

I still doodle on the back of receipts sometimes.

You know, because office jobs could get pretty boring sometimes. 

As you can see, 
my drawing style is a little more detailed + anime version.

Too much details, takes too much time.

I did try to use Adobe Illustrator.

But in the end, it takes MORE time to just do 1 simple panel.
Because I have yet to really learn the skills.

And I suck at matching colours.

I did think of venturing into comic blogging for about 2 weeks.

But the thing about comic blogging
is how to making long, long posts
into short, concise (and funny) stories.

Which is what I suck at.
I need teachers.

Who better to learn all that from
than our rising comic bloggers
Chee Ching and Ernest over a good cup of coffee and some food from CAFFeine?

Nuffnang is holding their first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering,
and Chee Ching and Ernest will both be there to let us bore them with stupid questions.

Like everyone else who wants to go,
I have questions that I want to ask.
I have stories I want to hear.
I have inspirations that I want to get inspired by.

But most of all,
I want to draw on a canvas wall.

Just kidding.

Okay I lied.

I do wanna draw on the canvas wall,
but I want to know their secret (if they choose to share) to success.

How they started and where do they intend to go.
Where will they see themselves in the future?
Animation? Or comic books?

and other questions...

I'm curious.

And also, I want to know if I ever do venture into comic blogging,
who are the competition I need to take out.
Because I could only imagine that the people who are there
are the ones who are interested in comic blogging too.

*flashes knife*

So to bribe you,
here's another hand drawn comic version of myself.
Also drawn on the back of a receipt. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Storytelling through beauty

thanks to JQ, a few of us were invited to this event
by Yuberactive- Storytelling through beauty.

And we were spoiled with Sally Hansen and Rimmel London products to play with!! X)

Mirrors, mirrors everywhere!!

Before the whole makeup thing,
we had a little introduction on Yuberactive and one of the causes they're supporting.
The girl on the right, Jia Yee,
has a project called Little Book Keeper.

They collect books and bring them to an aboriginal kampung in Sabah.
They want to share knowledge with the neglected part of our nation.

The girl in the middle, Joanne, was briefing us on the challenge.
Storytelling through beauty.

The main objective is to unleash your artsy side.
We were to choose a cause,
and do make up according to that cause.

My group chose Wildlife and nature protection.
Because I already know how to do leopard print makeup. =X

After the make up we had our photoshoot
and after that, we get to eat!! YAAAAAAY!!

And while waiting for the judges to deliberate,
I camwhored. =p

With Jennifer the flower face.
and I did a =3 smile. 

My leopard prints. ^___________^

The other two babes. Kahmon on the left, and Iris on the right. Gorgeous right? X)
I don't know the girl in the middle. =X

And that day was Iris's birthday.
Her cake was a few Subway cookies.
And she was pretending to blow out the candle coz she blew it out before I took a pic.

Our group got first prize for the mini contest.
It was really fun getting to paint on someone's face.

We were so awesome the camera can't fathom our awesomeness.
That's why it's blur. 

Moi, Cindy, and Kate.
I did Kate's make up. She was suppose to be a zebra. 

I donut know how to smile...

And voila. Our RM500 worth of prizes.
Had to split it 3 ways though. I ended up with stuff I dun use. XD

It was really great fun.
To know learn new things, know new people,
and paint on other people's face. XD

Thanks Yuberactive and JQ.
Please have more events like this one!!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. If you have other causes which you want to support,
why not propose it to Yuberactive? =)