Thursday, 18 October 2012


I had a fight between my personalities about if I should watch it.
Then someone offered the +1 seat and I jumped at it. 

Sinister is a well named horror/ mystery movie that evolves around a real crime writer and the evidence he found while writing his new book.

Ellison moved into a house with his family to work on his new book which involves a missing child and the rest of her family who were hung dead on a tree in their backyard. Upon moving in, he finds a box with videos filmed with super8 films, with labels that sound like how people would casually label a family day. He plays them, and learns more than he expected.

The whole movie had this really creepy atmosphere to it, and even when you just know that the next moment something scary is about to happen, you'll still jump when it does. Maybe because it's in a house where you feel comfortable in, instead of in a cave or abandoned house, and that plays with your imagination, because you think... what if...

Like 99% of horror/ thrillers I've watched, sound effect played a huge role. The visual effects were somewhat scary, but it won't work as well without the sudden loud thuds and screeches.

If you're a horror/ thriller movie fanatic, this is something for you that is different from the past few that I've watched. It's not all horror and suspense though, it has a strong touch of gore too.

I was scared even for the parts when people were just talking. The horror sank in and got cozy.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ted. Should you watch it?

I'm talking about the cinema version in Malaysia.

The answer is: YES.

Ted is a bromance + chick flick with a lot of "sexuality" and vulgarity.
If you wince when people say "fuck" and "shit", it's better to avoid it.

Contrary to popular belief, these swear words were not cut out nor muted.
There was just a 3 second part when Ted was muted and well, you can't lip read what he said anyway.
Come on, he's a bear. You could however guess that what he said wasn't too pleasant from what came after the mute.

"Ted" about a boy, John who wished that his bear would come to life and he got his wish granted.
Fast forward to 27 years later.

John stays with Lori, his girlfriend for 4 years together with Ted, and at the age of 35, John is not what one would usually call successful. He gets into some trouble with Ted and Lori finally decides that it's time for him to move on without Ted.

The whole movie was overall funny, but like any movie, there are the happy times, sad times, and suspense. To fully understand the jokes, however, you have to know a lot about the American pop culture. It's a good way to look back into the 90s though.

What is cut from the cinema version?
I assume only sexual scenes, because the words are left alone. Even smoking pot was untouched.

So if you don't mind watching the movie, or you're going with your crush, or you're being a third wheel and want to avoid the awkward sexy time, go to the cinema for it.

That's what J_Fish has to say~
p.s. The Thunder Song was cut. It's ok. Watch it here.

Ten makes the man Watch2Win!!

So here's a chance for you to win an iPad.
Not just any iPad, THE NEW iPAD!!

You know how they always say it's as easy as 123?
This is close enough. =)

Watch a video, and follow the instructions to win.

You can start by watching the video here.

Now, head to this link for the details.

May the odds be in your favour. =p

Oh btw,
here are the

Terms & Conditions
This contest is open to all Malaysians with a Facebook account.

Employees and immediate family members of the Organiser, their advertising agencies, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and suppliers are not eligible to participate in the Contest. 

To be eligible to take part in the Contest, contestants must first become a fan of the Code 10 Malaysia page on

Contestants must watch the video, answer the question and complete a slogan for each video to be eligible for the prizes. Each question requires an answer and a slogan of not more than 10 words. The contestant with the CORRECT answer, along with a creative and unique slogan will be deemed the winner, as chosen by the Panel constituted by Code 10 Malaysia.

Decisions made by the Panel will be final and binding. Code 10 Malaysia is not required to share the process of inclusion, exclusion or selection of candidates and winners for the contest. 

Winners will be notified by any means adopted by the Organiser, be it Twitter, phone calls, email, via Facebook facilities or any other means available. If the winner(s) cannot be contacted/has not responded within a period of seven (7) days after notification, a new winner(s) will be nominated.

Winners are required to pick up their prizes from Code 10 Malaysia's nominated Agency/Suppliers. A suitable address and contact number will be provided once the winners have been selected. Winners must pick up their prizes within seven (7) days of confirmation.

In the situation that a winner cannot collect the prize, the winner may nominate a representative to collect the prize. The winner is required to notify and gain permission from the Organiser in advance before nominating a representative.

Code 10 Malaysia will not claim any responsibility for loss/theft of property and/or accident/injury to the winners arising out of unforseen circumstances relating to the Contest or the collecting of prizes. 

The Organiser reserves the right to change any prize, for a prize of equal value, without any prior notification. Prizes cannot be exchanged/encashed.

Samsung, Apple and Microsoft are not official sponsors of this contest.

The Organiser reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to use the details collected, nicknames, names, photographs, voice or voice recordings and entries of the Contest winner(s) and/or representative without first obtaining consent nor making any payment whatsoever to the Contest winner(s) and/or representatives for publicity, advertising, trade or promotion purposes in any media.

Contestants releases any rights to any information and materials submitted or used in the Contest to the Organiser. 

They are giving out different prizes every week.
So if you want to slice fruits on THE NEW iPAD,
give this a try.

It's insanely easy.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~