Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Why I say:"Patience is important"

When someone asks what is the most important trade you would like to find in your future spouse,
instead of "money" and "good looks" (though they're on my list)
the first thing I would say now is "patience".

after reading Fourfeetnine's blogpost I decided to explain why "Patience (and tolerance) is important".

Patience for blurness and lameness to be exact.

Yesterday was a fairly good example of my blurness+lameness.
Within the short time span of 3 hours I was able to give myself a few mental facepalms.

First mental facepalm: Blurness
Went to have dinner, and walked out of restaurant only to turn around and realize that friend is missing.
Realize I haven't paid the bill and friend is paying.
I swear it wasn't a plan to get him to pay. --____________--lll 

Second mental facepalm: Lameness
Went to Sasa because they have a clearance sale.
Convinced myself I don't need to buy anything. (Sucesskid.jpg)
Walk out and friend jokingly said:"You stole something right."
I said:"I don't steal..."..."Except hearts".

After that I spend the next 10 seconds trying not to laugh at myself for being lame and at the same time did the "Oh God why" face in my mind.

Third mental facepalm: Blurness +1
We went for watch Hotel Transylvania and had to surrender our phones before going into the cinema because it's a premier screening.
They even scanned us with a wand before going into the cinema. (Seriously?)
I sneaked 2 cameras in anyway. I'm a Badass.

After the movie I almost walked into friend because he turned and I walked straight.
I wanted to tell him that that's the shorter way down.

Then he pointed out that we have to collect our phones.

I think he secretly wondered how much dumber I can get.

You see, an impatient guy would probably give up after a few of these "incidents".
Why would someone want to spend the rest of their lives being the one who must be responsible right?

It might be funny and "cute"
for the first few times
(I have no idea how being dumb is cute)

But after awhile it gets frustrating and annoying.

Can you imagine how many times I would have to get a new phone or get yelled at by a shop keeper for not paying the bill? --____________--lll
Can you imagine the humility if you were walking with me and suddenly get yelled at?

See, I have legit reasons when I say that special someone has to be patient.
It's not because guys should tolerate girls.
More like because this girl comes with a "handle with patience" sticker.

Well other than that, my temper would be why I need a patient dude too. =X

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir

p.s. Hotel Transylvania is REALLY FUNNY!!!! GO WATCH GO WATCH GO WATCH!!!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Ready to partay with DG and DG?

What would you do,
if I say you can win tickets to see David Guetta?

The last time I was at a concert in Sepang was
Heineken Thirst, featuring Tiesto. 
First time to such a party,
and I work a black dress with heels. 

So, well, now I'm older thus wiser, I know just what to wear to Sepang,
and for a hot concert like this, dressing light is totally a must!!

So here's what I got. 

A fedora,
so I'll be prepared for rain or snow or shine
I'm short so I won't be blocking anyone.
If you're shorter than me and is standing behind me,
tell me and I'll let you stand in front. 

Colourful make up. 
No, my usual boring, black liner only is not going to be good enough. 
Swipe on some colours and bring on the fun!!!

An awesome temporary tattoo (which would be better than this one)

Time to party with David Guetta and DiGi!!! 

And of course a small bag to put my what-nots.
I'm gonna wear a light weight shirt so that if it's cold, I can unroll my sleeves,
if it's hot, I can roll them up or take it off and do my tie-around magic, 
and make it into a mini dress.

Black leather shorts for the fashion and comfort.
Black, the universal colour of 

If you're wondering how could you get FREE (yes, FREE) tickets.
Here's how. 

From 5th – 30th September, SMS DG to 2016 to purchase the DJ CallerTunes package of 10 songs (Without You featuring Usher, Titanium featuring Sia, among others) at RM1 per week and subscribe to *DiGiMusic Pluz at RM5 per month. 
Also, from the 14th September to 5th October, sign-up for the prepaid cash card, #DiGi Simple MasterCard at selected DiGi Stores in the Klang Valley or during DiGi roadshows at selected local universities for immediate redemption of 1 ticket per application. Existing cardholders who recommend three (3) friends to sign-up in a single visit will each receive FREE tickets, while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply for both. 
By the way, if you're a DiGi Super Blogger of Nuffnang, you could blog about this with details here
Can't wait to be there!!! 

Hope I can get the tickets so I can ask the cute guy out without having to make up excuses. I suck at making excuses... 
*fingers crossed*
That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~