Friday, 24 August 2012

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Penang

Yes, I ran all the way up to Penang for an event,
but hey,
carpe diem!! a.k.a YOLO!! 

I don't know why people hate YOLO but not carpe diem. 

The truth is,
I joined the Facebook contest without checking the details.
I won 4 passes from the Facebook contest.

No one I knew was going,
but Choulyin volunteered in the end,
and she arranged everything!! 

She's just amazing!! 

I didn't go as a blogger but as a FB contest winner,
so forgive me for not taking a lot of camewhore pics.

Oh wait,

The look. 

Well JJ Lin was there,
and for some reason we weren't allowed to take pics with him.

This is the best I can get. 

 I'm a huge fan. 

I'm actually not a big fan of JJ, but I like his songs. 

Moving on. 

 By the time we got there,
the place was packed
and we don't have a table.

We just went in and try to see if we could bump into anyone we knew
and just "borrow" their table. 

It was super packed.
Almost impossible to move around,
as you can see in the picture below. 

Yet I was able to find my way to the bar.

Mixing the drinks babeh!!

The stage from the table we "borrowed".
could you see the cute guy at the bottom corner?

This year's theme was Great Britain.
and so,
you could see men dressed up like the royal guardsmen at the entrance
which I dun have pictures of. 

I suck. 

We took a few drinks,
and you can guess what happened after that.

In my defence,
I drank really quickly.

I tried to take pictures of the glitter on the floor
without much knowledge of operating my camera
and not really in sober state. 

And oh look, a lady wore jeans to the party. 

And this is the most decent picture
I have of the group.

and here
is a less decent one,
taken while my camera was on and my finger on the shutter.
I have no idea when it was taken,
but all 3 of the gang were in there!!

My finger is a genius. 

As you can observe,
Choulyin was somewhat happy.
I guess I'm somewhat entertaining when I've taken a glass too much.

about 5 days after the party,
I got a phone call asking for my address.

I was expecting the invites and tags which I didn't get before that,

 Something like this. 
Tags above where from last year's event. 

But instead,

when I got my package,
I found:

A cap from the team,

bubble wrap,

and a bottle of  


Not happy with how they handled the Facebook winners.

Before the event,
all I got was a phone call telling me that I've won 4 passes.

No confirmation email,
no details,
and they've deleted the contest page.

No official invitation was sent. 

I had to search through the Johnnie Walker page
to find screenshots
to find the venue and time.

the songs were great,
some of the drinks were really nice,
(one of them was really nasty,
and the alcohol in me gave me the guts to tell the waitress that. )
and I was really ready to dance,
( I don't usually dance, )
but there was barely space to move,
so forget dancing.

I enjoyed myself despite all that,
because the lot I went with was fun to hangout with. =)

I enjoyed the party
as far as I could remember.

The aftermath was even much more fun,
for the other 3.

Thanks again guys, especially Choulyin!!

Wish ya'll can be here for the even in KL!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~