Friday, 17 August 2012

Dem juices!!

It was a healthy Saturday


At least. 

So I went to an event by Juice Works
last Saturday in Pavilion. 

I went with an empty stomach
and when I see what was prepared there
I was glad I went hungry. 

The chocolate cookie was nice!!
It reminded me of the ones in subway,
but these come with a thicker chocolate flavour. 

The drinks served in sample size cups were the best sellers there. 

Some are juices while others are more towards smoothies. 
We got to try all of them,
and get a normal size cup for our favourite. 

So here are the sizes.
And the tumbler was one of the door gifts we got. =D

The event was awesome,
because normally we can't go all
and take pictures of the whole place,
but that day,
I did. 

Their work station/kitchen
that later became our playground for 3 minutes. 

We tried the drinks, the food prepared, and then we had the first game,
which I got second place.

The prize for second prize was taking a picture with the first prize winner. XD

after that we had a talk from the founder of Juice Works. 

She explained everything from how she came up with this idea
to how the juices can help us.

Did you know that you need 5 servings of fruits per day?
Which means 5 pieces of fruits, example: one apple, one orange, one banana, etc. 5. 
Since we usually do not take so much fruits per day,
the cup of juice would help, 
because they combine at least 3 types of juices. 

Other than educating us about the nutrition facts,
she also encourage us to make our own juice at home,
and the trick is to choose fruits with a variety of colours.

And don't just grind the juice, choose fruits with fiber too. 

And after the informative talk,
she gave us a chance to make our own mixture of juices.

And we get to play in the kitchen!! 

The yoghurt used for smoothies. 

This was our group's creation. 


Well we didn't win the first prize,
but we got complementary vouchers anyway!! 

And last but not least,
we were served with this.

Wheat-grass juice.
It helps lower blood pressure,
and gives you great skin
if you take just one small shot everyday.

Bendan demonstrating bottoms up!!

But be careful if you already have low blood pressure,
because drinking this
will ensure you a twirly hour at the mall. 

If you're someone who don't take a lot of fruits (and/or vege),
do drop by Juice Works to grab a drink when you're at the mall. 
because 1 cup of that
will fill you up.


It's healthy and filling. 

They have 12 outlets around Klang Valley,
so it's not too hard to find.

Found in major shopping malls. =p

they have a huge list of juices to choose from,
and they refresh their menu every now and then,
so you can skip the fruits that you don't like.

Ending the post with a rare
wide smile with teeth showing picture. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. The fiber really works. =X

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


It's nice. Go watch it. The End.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Ok, just kidding,
I was mimicking a review post I read last week.
Would you believe that "It's nice and go watch it" is more helpful that that review?

I shall not point (nor flash) fingers, but try looking for "Bourne Legacy" review.

Paranorman is a stop-motion cartoon which talks about the adventures of a boy, Norman as he tries to stop the curse of the witch in his small town.

Norman is the freak of the town because he talks to ghosts. The people don't believe him, not even his family. And so, he gets bullied a lot. One day, his seemingly creepy uncle came to him and told him about the witch's curse on some people who use to live in the town, and that he was the only one who can stop it. And there was when the adventure starts.

I would say that this is a nice cartoon to watch, but if you're too much of a logical person, or you forgot that the cartoon is mainly targeted at kids, you're gonna have a boring time.

I enjoy the little jokes here and there that makes the movie fun to watch, but the suspense to the scary parts were great too. I almost hit the girl who came over to warn Chee Ching not to use her phone because that was the suspense part and I was prepared for the zombie to pounce. (Was very annoyed by those people.) Naturally, when a black figure suddenly shows up next to me, it did make me jump a little.

Why would you expect logic in a cartoon? *rolls eyes* It's suppose to be funny and simple enough to make children laugh yet keep the adults entertained in some way. And Paranorman did that. My inner child had a great time, and the more adult side of me was kept entertained.

The graphics were a lot softer than Coraline, you can see that the edges are more polished, and the movements flows better.

If you haven't watch Coraline, here's the trailer, and you should check it out!!

My verdict? YAY! But leave your logical thinking outside the door and don't forget to pick it up when you leave.

I loved the super minor twist in the end that really made me LOL. =)

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~ la deuxieme fois.

p.s. It's not worth watching in 3D.