Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Colours on the eyes

Crazy about eyeshadow.

Wanted to include a few colours for this post
so here you go.


Blue. I love the mix of tones. =)

I've finally found the way
to make a smokey eye look that works for me. 

Yellow. The colour isn't really obvious here
coz my skin is more towards yellowish.

It would rock if it's on people with really fair skin. =)

Yellow with a touch of green under the eye. 

I've been quite obsessed with eyeshadow
but I don't think people here appreciates my style of applying eyeshadow.

Wanted to include a few colours for this post,
and I had fun taking pics.

The reason I show only 1 eye in most of my pics
coz I usually just do the make up for 1 eye and I get lazy. =p

I bought a fan/ring light/torch light.

So now I have something like a ring light. =D
It's about 15cm tall and very light,
so I can carry it around to change angles.

I actually have my phone in one hand
and the light in the other
to get this pic.

Took a few pics,
but I love the effect. 

You can see the light reflected in my eye.

Tell me which one is your favourite and
do tell me if you'd like a tutorial. =D

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. pictures are all edited. As always.