Saturday, 21 July 2012


I don't know how to change the background to a darker colour... =(

I named her rose because it means pink in French. I'm just lazy. =p

That's what J_Fish has to show~ Au Revoir~

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Random cartoon drawing of catwoman?

How to turn from 
indeferent Sam
a.k.a Kim Possible lookalike


look indeferent. 

Dye your hair pink,
because pink is feminine... (?)

Make the cat smile

Add whiskers

Add ears

Tilt eyebrow to look like the Rock
and meow~


That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Because I love randomness. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Furless threesome

It's meant to sound wrong.
You clicked because well,
you have a good imagination.

It was my first time waxing,
but I was fortunate enough to get it for free. 
Yes, who doesn't like free beneficial stuff?

The place: Furless in JayaOne

It's behind/ next to Duck King depending on where you're coming from.

I was so overwhelmed by my experience that I forgot to take picture. 

Such a good blogger right. 

Thus the result.
All photos from their FB page. (Click!!)

The shop assistants and the boss were really friendly.
I got there early,
so the boss chatted with us.

She explained that their products are what we would call
the good stuff,
which means less pain, more satisfaction.

Notice, it's LESS pain, not painless.
It would be an obvious lie if someone said waxing was utterly painless.
Imagine pulling off chunks of your hair,
but at Furless, it's less pain. 

I was pretty nervous,
because well, it was my first time pulling hair off with wax,
and it's well, down where the sun don't usually shine.

Because just like hair on your head,
hair everywhere else don't come in 1 type or form.
Some are longer, some shorter, some coarser, some fine, etc
They use 3 different types of wax,
and the heat is adjustable.

The whole process was interactive,
because I'm guessing they won't want the people waiting outside
to be terrified over the screams caused by wax that's too hot,
or the pulling off that's too brutal. 

I'm quite good at guessing you see.

Don't be shy to tell the person if the wax is too hot.
You don't want burnt parts, especially, well, you-know-where.

But the best part of this waxing treatment is that after the hot waxing,
there's a cooling mask which will take the pain away.

I shall not comment on how much pain it was,
because how much pain one can take is highly subjective.
And it depends on where you wax too.

For example I have 7 ear piercings,
but I can't stand plucking eyebrows. =/

Well I could say that the pain of waxing is different from the 2 mentioned above. 

I managed to go to a tea party right after the waxing though,
so you have a rough idea.

If you want to try waxing on any part of your body,
go to Furless,

If you're first timer there and you say my name:

You'll get 50% off!! =D

Say my name say my name~


If you just want to try it,
check out the prices here. 

Do call and ask(click for contact) them if you have ANY related questions or to make appointments. 
Make sure you make appointments and don't be late~!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 16 July 2012

To judge or not to judge

This post just spells irony.

While I'm an advocate of not judging others,
I'm writing this post because I think some people aren't logical enough.
I'm judging them for not being able
to think from different perspectives.

So there have been a lot of articles about Madam Tan,
the old woman who fell, cracked her skull and later
passed because passers by didn't do anything to help her.

is the word used by a lot of people.

Unless you are a relative or friend who is overcame by emotions,
a sensible person should think before judging.

People don't seem to have analysed the situation enough
before calling the people who didn't help "selfish" or "inhumane".

"Selfish" is a big word.
Before you seriously label someone with that word,
I would suggest careful observations and analysing.

Take this case as an example:
I'll come up with a few excuses for the people
because everyone should get a change of defence.

Excuse 1:
Can you see that Madam Tan did not change her position?
It would be logical to think that she might be unconscious,
thus not giving out any signs of distress.

Is it logical then,
to deduce that Madam Tan was unconscious,
and the passers-by mistook her for a homeless old lady sleeping in the streets?

Although logically homeless people won't sleep in the middle of the road,
but one does not know if that homeless person sleeprolls.

Do you help a homeless get off the roads?
If not,
don't judge others and call them cruel.

If you argue that even if Madam Tan was unconscious,
there must be blood because she suffered from a cracked skull,
and passers-by who saw the blood but didn't help
should be labelled heartless,
It was dark.

Madam Tan died from internal bleeding in the brain.

Excuse no.2:
Passers-by are afraid for themselves.
We never know when will criminals start using old people as bait
and lure us into helping the elderly while they unfold their ambush?

This would still be heartless,
but human beings being selfish is not news.

Who should we blame for this paranoid mindset?
The increasing number of crime?
Or the inability to stop crime?

I see people calling these people who walked by heartless,
blaming them for Madam Tan's death,
but if you're logical enough,
take a step back and you'll realize
if weren't for that snatch thief,
Madam Tan wouldn't have fallen.

Why are people not blaming that person more?

(See what I did there? Turning the attention to someone else)

Excuse 3:
People are afraid that they will be interrogated by the police.
Which is actually one of the excuses given by someone.

You wouldn't know what the police might or might not do.
And if you've seen enough sharing on Facebook,
you might think twice too.

Well it's still heartless.

But like I said,
it's not unusual for human beings to be selfish.

After the 3 lame excuses,

I think there's the need to state that
Madam Tan was conscious.
She was vomiting when the good samaritans helped,
but we still don't know if she asked for help.

Excuse 1 still stands,
because not a lot of people would help
a homeless person even if they asked for help.


back to my whole point.

There could be a few perspectives to a situation,
so don't judge others from yours alone.

I hate it when people judge me,
so I try my hardest not to judge.
But some people just LOVE to point fingers.

The truth is,
you wouldn't know what you would do until you're there.

There are so many possibilities of how something could turn out,
and most of the time when a situation happens,
I do something stupid
and after that beat myself up and think "I should have done that and that"
but what is over is over,
and beating myself up is stupid.

The people who intentionally or unintentionally left Madam Tan to die
are condemned for their non-actions,
but what is the point of pushing the blame to them?

If they felt guilty enough will it bring her back?

What goes around comes around,
if you don't help someone,
one day,
something similar might happen to you.

Same thing.

If you judge others without thinking,
you will be judged too.

Like how I'm judging this girl I came across.

Hey girl who think the people who didn't help are heartless,
how much have you helped the homeless or the orphans?

How do you justify your own actions?
If you could have nice food and drive a car,
if you could dress up and travel,
why can't you donate more and help?

Why are the people who didn't help an old woman condemned,
but everyone else who know the existence of homeless and orphans,
or even kids from poor families are set free from your judgement?

Because you're one of them too?

I think I'll be slapped by some comments,
but someone has to say something other than
"those f*ckers should burn in hell".

Bring it on!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~