Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Food Tree Ramadhan Buffet

The Food Tree under OWG
will be having a Ramadhan Buffet
from 23 July till 17 August.

 I was lucky enough to get the chance
to be among the first few groups of people to try it.

Here are some of the food offered.

 The menu for that night

The drinks were interesting.
Honey cucumber

As someone who doesn't like cucumber,
I liked this.
It's something like honey lemonade with very thin cucumber slices (the green floaters)

 Jumbo herbs.
The original size of this is huge.
It's about 1L.

I didn't like the taste of this.
It's a little too eccentric for my taste.
There's a mix of lychee, sour plum, mint leaves,
and lemon grass.

Singapore Chilli Crab
The crab was on the spicy side, but meat was abundant.
The sauce is sweet and spicy yummy.

Mutton Rogan Josh.
Middle eastern style.
The cook worked in the middle east before,
and he decided to bring the taste here.

Mutton cooked right.
It's soft and not chewy. 
Toothless friendly.

 Tandoori chicken
which was spicy and slightly dry.

This was interesting.
It was stuffed with kiwi paste.

 Halal soup dumplings
a.k.a xiu long bao.

It's filled with chicken meat,
but taste just as nice as the original ones.

Chef gave a live demonstration on how to make Beng-pei mooncake

 The durian pancake is a must-try if you love durian.

It's very soft
and the taste is just mmmmmmmm.
Two layers of durian goodness.

I was too busy enjoying my favourite dish I forgot to take pictures of it.
The balitong a.k.a Siput Sedut,
Negeri Sembilan style.
You need skills to eat that,
but if skills is what you have,
you'll get a great taste of green chilli and belacan.

The pictures above are just a fraction of what you will find there.
The food changes and rotates everyday,
so you won't get the exact same thing even if you went
two days in a row.

The food comes from an international menu,
meaning you'll get food from local traditional Malay cuisines
to Japanese cuisines.

The buffet is RM78.90 for adults
and RM39.45 for children 5-12 years young 
and senior citizens (above 60 years old)

Children below 4 eat for free!

10, Jalan Pelukis U1/46, Section U1,
Temasya Industrial Park,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

The place is situated among factories.
If you see Peugeot and Honda,
you're really near.
It's just along that road.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

The truth behind the half-lies

I have something to announce.

Contrary to popular belief,
I'm single and have been single for the past few months.

I know we look fine,
but we've just been friends fine.

I've been holding on,
not telling everyone because of 2 reasons:
1. I hate answering questions.
2. I was silly enough to hope that things will still work out someday, that I can overlook this dark part of history and everything will go on as usual, without anyone but us knowing about it.

If you ask me questions and expect answers at once,
you should be prepared to be ignored.
If you call,
you will be ignored. No matter who you are.

I will answer your questions when I want to.
Don't bother me.
No matter who you are.

Don't need to spread the news.
Only those who care enough to read this post shall know.

I hope none of us will be bothered by your questions.

I didn't mean to lie,
I just didn't tell the whole truth,
because I still hoped.

All hope is lost.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Happy would be 4th month-versary.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Yes I've watched it.

Before you watch it,
please put aside your memories from the past Spider-Man films
because one would tend to compare,
and difference comes in an abundance,
if you just insist on comparing it to the most recent 3 movies.

It was hard to watch because of technical issues.
I hope it's just for our screening coz
if not
a lot of people will go home feeling like they need (new) specs.
Half of the screen was blurry during half of the movie.

Movie started slow because they have to redefine Peter Parker's history.
The Amazing Spider-Man has a new story for Peter Parker.

I think the new Spider-Man is closer to the comic version,
because well he's more witty.

Unlike the old Spider-Man,
he talks, is carcastic, (and jokes) more.
The old Spider-Man is just so sad and pathetic.

There aren't a lot of LOL moments,
but this is not a comedy, and you do get an occasional snigger.

It's not action packed, but it doesn't lack action either.

The Amazing Spider-Man goes into more detailed life of Peter Parker,
and you'll see more interaction between the characters
and a better developed storyline.

Like all movies there are slow and fast parts,
and I think they have a balance in this film.

Stan Lee totally stole one whole scene. =)

I would recommend it,
but do put your logical mind aside,
and put your old perception of Spider-Man next to your logic,
and you'll be able to enjoy it.

Unless you hate lizards.
Did you know that the villain in this movie is a

It's coming out this Thursday,
so before that,
watch all the trailer!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir!

and there's a few awkward parts when Peter Parker and the oh so pretty Gwen Stacy start to make out,
made more awkward when the couple next to me was super lovey-dovey,
and I'm sitting next to a dude who I just met.