Friday, 29 June 2012

How to annoy your colleagues

 Because your opinion is very important and everyone should hear it.


* I just hate loud noisy people in general
 Because you care for your colleagues so much
you have to know what they're doing.

 Because sharing is caring

Because they should listen to your ringtone.
Everyone loves loud ringtones

Because girls just LOVE to be harassed.
Because not answering is rude.

Because I was bored
and annoyed.

If there are other ways your colleagues annoy you,

That's what J_Fish has to say~ AU REVOIR!!

P.S. Wanted to change it up a little so decided to draw instead. =D
You can see that they're pictures instead of computer drawn.

Coz I dunno how and am too lazy to find how how comic bloggers actually draw their comic.

Here's my pic so that you didn't visit in vain. 

I lied. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

We're all illogical hypocrites

There's 2 points that I want to share in this post:
1. We're all hypocrites
2. If people were more logical, a lot of unwanted incidents could be avoided.

I'm just using these 2 incidents as examples, but there are obviously more hypocritical examples in our everyday life.

First there was this video

Then there was this.

If you haven't watch it,
I'll sum them up.

First one was a man who shoved an elderly woman (who then fell off the bus). He shoved her because she pushed the bell late, and he though it was a waste of his time.

Second video was an elderly woman continuously scolding (and insulting) a girl even after the girl gave her seat to the elderly. It was a priority seat.

Without taking sides,
I try to stand from a logical point of view and analyse these 2 videos.

(Joel says I'm too logical to be human. =/)

First video,
what we saw was the man shouting at the woman, then shoving her.

People attack him (over the internet) for being rude to an elderly woman.

Second video,
what we saw was the woman shouting at the girl, and girl finally cursed at the woman and walked away.

People attack the woman (also over the internet) for being rude to the girl.

If you agree on the general public's opinion, which is "you shouldn't be rude to the elderly", why are you scolding the old lady in the second video?

If you don't see my point yet,
here's a more detailed explanation.

We did not see the whole story of both the incidents. Thus, we make assumptions.

Please read this post from a logical, neutral point of view.

First video, we assumed that the man was rude because he shoved the lady off the bus and then made excuses. We assumed that the lady was innocent.

Second video, we say that the elderly lady was ungrateful, scolding the girl while she's comfortably seated. The girl was obviously trying not to yell at the lady. We praise the girl for trying her best to be good.

The below point is hypothetical, if you're angered by it and object it, it's time you calm down and try and be logical.

What if
The elderly lady scolded the man in the first video like how the elderly lady scolded the girl before the video started and before we saw the man shoved her off the bus?

Would you think the man is less guilty now? If not, why do you think the girl should be blamed less? She did, in the end, yelled at the elderly woman.

How do you distinct between a rude young person and a patient young person? They were both rude at one point to the elderly.

Is scolding and insulting ok when you're treated the same way, but shoving someone is over the limit? If you really respect an elderly person, any form of aggressiveness towards them should be discredited, right? How do you justify your act of backing up the first elderly lady but then give negative comments on the second elderly lady?

The first elderly lady did, in fact, yelled something back at the man too.

First point done.

Second point:
We could see in the first video that the door of the bus was open. The elderly lady had 2 choices, get off the bus and ignore the man who yelled at her, or stay back and confront him.

She chose to confront him. The logical thing to do would be to walk away. If she walked away, he guy wouldn't get the chance to shove her off the bus. Unless he's extremely crazy and runs after her.

We could also see in the second video that there was space for the girl to walk away. She, like the elderly woman in the first video had 2 choices, to walk away, or to stay.

If the girl chose to walk away, the elderly lady would look like a fool for yelling at someone who isn't there. Since the woman cherish her "well earned" seat so much, I doubt she would go after the girl and scold her. Logical?

People tend to call people who walk away from trouble cowards, but I call them smart. How many people would still be alive if they walked away at the first sight of danger rather than stay and confronted it?

If you stay to confront someone, you're saying "YOLO" with your actions, because come on, how many confrontations would turn out fine? If the people who started the confrontation were calm and logical enough, there wouldn't even be a confrontation in the first place.

I've met so many asshole drivers on the road recently that if I stopped the car and confronted them whenever they honk at me even if it's their fault, I would have been injured or died several times in one day.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Seriously, ppl keep saying that Penang drivers are crazy, but I never cursed so much while driving in Penang. My observations tell me that there are more expensive cars in Klang Valley, and from what I see, the asshole drivers are mostly people with bigger cars.

I guess their logic is that they pay more road tax thus they can take up two lanes instead of one and cut into your lane without prior warning (read:signals).

Don't be an asshole. Driving in the middle of two lanes is not acceptable unless you're trying to land a plane on the highway. In that case, by all means.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Girl with the dragon skin tattoo

The modern day dinosaur.

It can grow up to 3m long,
is agile despite the size,
has a strong, muscular tail which is used to whip down its prey
and one single chomp by a Komodo can kill.

How cool is a Komodo Dragon?
It has the ability to see as far as 300m,
can make its prey loose the ability to retaliate with venom
or even kill with the venom,
has a keen sense of smell
is very strong
is a good swimmer
(Kicks-ass on land and water).

Has really tough armored skin.
Also able to take up preys that are bigger than itself
without breaking a sweat 
(geddit? Lizards don't sweat. Nvm)

Oh unlike The (ugly) Lizard
that Spider-Man is going to face,
imagine what kind of superhero I can be with the powers of The Komodo.

With it's agility in my frame,
I'll be as agile (if not more) than Spider-Man.
Sure I can't swing around,
but a spider can't swim can it?

Navigating through the sewer is a better way to get around

The sewer line goes everywhere,
and no one goes down the sewer.

(Other than IT.)

It's a good way of going undercover.
(Geddit? Under the cover? NVM).

The ability that a super hero needs?
Eyesight- can see as far as 300m,
Sense of smell- can sense up to 9km
Thick skin- natural armor,
Venom- render my enemies powerless,

and good looks (ahem)
that will captivate the male villains 
(well maybe they'll just wonder how long it took to do my make up)
and STRIKE when their guards (and jaws, hopefully not pants) are down!!

I call this:
The what-cha-looking-at-you're-gonna-get-your-ass-kicked-stare.

If all fails,
I have all the ability to turn into a villain
and get a come-back in another movie.

MUAHAH..... ok, not yet. 

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I could actually work as a double agent between super heros and villains!! 

Oh the fun~ =D