Friday, 18 May 2012

Food..... for thought

I went grocery shopping today,
and I found expired beef in Giant of the Summit.

What's worse than expired meat?

 Meat with fungi.
The white dots that form a line in the middle of the picture
is actually fungi.


been having a mushroom a lot diet lately.
I love all mushrooms,
I love button mushrooms the most.

But then someone said I might get mushroom overdose...

I guess the only chance you can get mushroom overdose
is when you take too much
"Special shrooms".

If you know what I mean.
No, no sexual connotation here.

So a random thought crept up.

I posted this question on FB.

if you know the answer for sure,
do tell.

2 of my friends say that they are not.

They are fungi,
which is a different category.

So I have good news!!

In the event that I give up eating meat
(highly unlikely)
and I don't wanna become a vegetarian
(Because I hate vege and beans)

I can still survive with mushrooms!!

Then I'll be a shroomian!!

I've always hated how vegetarians call omnivores murderers.
Plants have feelings too.

Haven't you read The Sound Machine?

Well I didn't, but I know what the story is about.

This post is so random I have to bribe you with a pretty girl.
First time I ever finished a portrait, and one that looks acceptable at that!!

Well I think she's pretty so whatever you say
that contradicts me will be ignored. =D

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

They said I couldn't be what I want

So I became a doll.

Close enough.

There was once a girl who didn't really care about her appearance.

There was a time she dressed up as a boy
and had really short hair.

People called her ugly behind her back
but she figure it out,
and didn't really care anyway.

Then one day a guy decided to place a bet
cliché, I know.

Well the bet was for the girl to become more ladylike.
Sounds like a movie?
Full of bullclichés.

The girl started to try and look nice,
lost some weight in the process without really trying

and she was obsessed with how she turned out.

She kept improving her look
and became the queen of vanity
in her own universe of course.

From make up to hair
from hair to clothes.

And then when she was in her teenage-going-to-adulthood transition,
she learnt that looks really matter a lot,
no matter what they say about the heart.

Bimbos will always live an easier life
than a smart not-so-attractive.

People will first like what they see
which will bring them to decide if they want to find out how they feel.

So she worked harder to improve her appearance,
spent more than she should on artificial stuff,
so that she can impress,

So that she can say:

With enough effort and makeup,
any girl can become a doll.

But the most important thing that a girl really needs,
is the support from her loved ones,
no matter what she decides.

*excluding doing stuff that would hurt herself.
Like peeling onions.

Oh look,
one more.

This post is obviously just to show off my vanity.
Because I suddenly decided to curl my hair
and I need a reason to curl my hair,
So I convinced myself that I need to update my blog.


That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. With nice pictures comes a lot of editing.
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing
it's ok not to be ok.

If you know where the randomly inserted lyric is from,
you're awesome. =)

Monday, 14 May 2012

The slightly exciting trip home

I went home for the weekend and a day.

Left KL with my sister and her friend on Friday.
We left at around 8pm
and reached home at 2am.

It was one of the longest trips from KL to Butterworth
that I've ever had. 

It took so long
because the car broke down somewhere between Taiping South and North exit. 

Can you see that?

We can't see much either.

It was really dark
without street lamps,
coz the highway is not a street.

We heard a faint pop while on the road
and the temperature just went straight up.

We wanted to stop at the nearest R&R or any stop,
but the nearest one was 2km away I think.

The moment we stopped at the side of the road,
smoke came out from the bonnet like we're sending out smoke signals.

It was really dark,
we didn't know what to do,
so we turned on the hazard lights,
put out the triangle
and stood at the side of the road,
hoping nothing worse will happen.

Did you know that you can call 1800-88-0000
and people from PLUS will come and tow your truck
or check and see what the problem is?

Free of charge.

Took them quite long to get here
but they did eventually.
When they got here another car was on tow already.

They stopped on the other side of the road
and came over.

They checked
and found out that the pipe that sent water to the fan
was leaking.
So we got a free ride behind the tow truck.

How cool was that?!

They were quite friendly.
We chatted all the way till the nearest toll,
which was Bukit Merah,
and the car was parked there till the next day.

remember this number 1800-88-0000

You won't know when you'll need their help.

But they'll just tow you to the nearest toll or R&R.

You still need someone to come and pick you up.

In this case,
my dad was the hero. ^_________________^

Here's an unrelated picture.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

One of the worst first world problem feelings is having to pee badly but the nearest toilet is 20km away.
I experienced that on that day,
just very glad that the car broke down after the 20km. =)