Monday, 7 May 2012

Pink hair and self loving

So I got hair extensions. 

Having fun with my new hair.

Tried to mimic this hot dream girl of someone.

Close enough?

My loves.
My shocking pink hair and my eyes.
I feel like a doll in this picture. 

I got the hair extensions from Ridz Okumura,
a saloon in Impian Meridian USJ 1,
the condominium just behind the Summit.

I wasn't pleased with the wait.

Made an appointment for 6.30pm
and had to wait till 7.45 to finally sit on the stool.

I'm happy with the people working there though.
They're nice and friendly.

Rarely would I talk to strangers.

But with them,
I talked a lot,
in BM summore.

I fail at speaking BM coz I've been in a Chinese school since kindy.

I felt conned for this.

I got the deal from Groupon which costs RM99 for 30 bundles.
When the person started to explain the price,
I found out that 30 bundle is enough

if you want to fix a bald patch.

In the end I had to take 110 bundles,
adding RM199 to the bill.

My head is not a fertile place,
so I only needed 110 bundles.

For those who have a lot of hair,
it's gonna cost waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more.

I saw pink extensions there,
So I asked for them.

It was RM5 for each bundle.

Since I'm going to try something new,
I went all out.
(And took 5 bundles. XD)

I hated pink,
but I like it like this.

If you want to get hair extensions,
I think they're still offering it at RM99 for 30 bundles,
even without groupon.

Ask for their contact if you're interested. =)

The downside is that it hurts for the first night when you sleep.
And it's hard to wash your hair properly.

Comb hair with caution.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I love the new hair coz I think I look a lot more feminine with it. But from the comments I got, they were just neutral. What do you think?

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