Monday, 30 April 2012

The "cute" look (Tutorial)

Well it's kind of a tutorial.
People keep asking me about my make up.

I can't really just teach you how.
You have to practice it. 
But here's how I get this look. 

First of all,
put on double eyelid stickers.

Then draw on some eyeliner.
First, just draw it until the end of your eyes.

 Then add some length to it. 

 If you have long eyes, you can skip this part.
Elongating long eyes will make you look like an alien. 

Experiment with the length a little to find the right length.

Add on bottom liner.
I used brown from Majolica.

The one in between the mascara and gel liner. 

Put on false lashes. 
I'm using lashes from Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation series.

 Upper lashes first

 And lower lashes.
 A better view with lower lashes. 
Add on some blusher

And add some lipstick/lipgloss. 
And Voila! 

I got new hipster specs coz my old one broke. T^T
 From F Block in Bangsar. RM16

I think this is how I look when I say X)
And end with a less cute look. =D

If you have questions just drop it in the comment. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~