Friday, 6 April 2012

Zalora Make Over Dream

Showing some love for Zalora

I'm in a one-sided-love-hate relationship
with Zalora at the moment.

I spent about RM300
during my 3-day "sudden" urge to splurge.

In conjunction with their grand launch, is giving out chances for a make over,


could be the lucky winner of a make over worth RM 1500!!

*If I win

I have a few reasons to get a make over.

1. Work life is so boring I change my look as much as I could just to make life more bearable.
2. It's free and I might get RM1500 of new stuff just by making a written wish on my blog.

3. My main reason for joining this make over contest is 
my wardrobe is too grey scale
*think white, black, grey*
and I want to change my look to a more brilliant and cheerful look
so that when I open my wardrobe to dress up (grudgingly) for work every morning,
I'll be lighten up by the bright colours. 


I want people to believe that we can look great
even when under a budget.

Ok, this is actually the MAIN MAIN reason. 

Therefore, almost all the items I choose are below RM100.

There are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many items that I want to get my hands on from Zalora
but I "only" have a budget of RM1500.

"Only" because with a budget of less than RM100 for each item,
I can get about 15 items assuming each items cost RM100

Which is not the case.

Here goes.

 Multi Coloured Necklace

It's super cute and can go with any dress I already have
and also those which I have chosen here.

 Medium Size Plain Gold Plated Cuff
 RM 25.95

This is super cool and I love hand accessories as much as I love make up.

 Moustache Ring
RM 35.00

Oh the recently so popular moustache accessory.

Pink Coloured Earrings
RM 14.90

Ok, so I normally don't buy pink stuff.
I don't have anything that's pink. 

But since it's a kick-out-the-grey-scale-stuff make over,
I guess I should try a little pink.

When I say a little I MEAN a little.
Thus this choice.

studs are small enough. 

 Square Link Necklace
RM 35.95

This is very cool too.
I don't have anything like this.

Karissa Heel Pumps
RM 89.00

I can't resist a pair of cute pumps,
(even though they're black).

Since my clothes are going to be so colourful,
I guess toning it down with a pair of black shoes is fine.

  Anita Red Mary Jane
RM 61.90

So I lied.
I still want a little more colour to go with my existing grey scale clothes,
so a little more pink all the way below won't harm.

 Multi Colour Long Wallet
RM 69.00

I love it.

Suede Belt
RM 29.95

Another item to go with my existing clothes.

 Delicate Darling
RM 79.00

I love this dress so much because of the back.

Did I hear someone silently thinking "sexy"?

Yeah baby!!


Peep Hole Spaghetti Strap Maxi
RM 79.95

One of my favourite colours.
And I don't have a maxi dress either.
So this is totally good. 

Salmon Pink Layered Fish Tail Skirt
RM 69.95

I saw Chuckei chose this for her outfit.

I'm not a fan of hers,
but this skirt is ohhh la la!!

Pom Pom Lace Skirt

I know this is black,
but I could pair it with the other colourful skirts that I choose
to make a puffy effect.

I think it'll look nice.

 Stripe Pleated Mini Skirt
RM 79.95

Red, short and pleated.

I don't even care if people stare at my legs
when I'm wearing this cutie..

Colour Block Top with Back Tie Bow
RM 49.95

Colour block, red and yellow!!
The perfect combination of my favourite colours
will definitely cheer up my day.

Solid Shorts
RM 75.00

These shorts will look nice with my new colour block top.
I can wear it as high waisted
or just pull my top out and cover it.

Blue and White 
Tank Top
RM 19.90 each

And of course,
with all the colours going in,
Some plain tank tops will be fine
if I decide to tone it down a little.
I still have my cute pink mary janes.

All the above items are below RM100.
just to spoil myself,
I fount this that could look great with all the clothes and dresses I chose.

L/S Jacket With Contrast Slv Lining

which costs a whopping 
RM 422.50

This is the most expensive item of clothing that I would get if I win.
But like what the experts say:

The value of the item is
the price divided by the times I would wear it.

And since it goes well with all the items I chose,
I believe price is but a number here.

Here are a few looks
that I could come up with for them.

Semi-formal look

Super casual look

Simple fun

Cute sophisticated

Lazy look

Super girlish girlfriend

Mix and match

All the clothes and accessories I chose above total up at


Yes, all 20 items.

If you're also looking for nice accessories, clothes and shoes,
head over to

Follow them on twitter at
or look for @ZaloraMalaysia

And like their Facebook page
for more announcements on offers.


As of now,
they're having a treasure hunt at 10am, 4pm and 9pm until Sunday.
Comb through their website to find items which are
90-100% on sale!!

YES, 100%.

The best thing about Zalora is that shipment is FREE!!

And they have a Less than RM50 and Less than RM100 category
for easier access to clothing under that budget. 

So head over for the hunt and if you follow and liked their pages,
they'll announce when the treasure hunt starts. =)

But wait,
here's how you could win a make over worth RM1500
*if I win

Tell me why you deserve to win
*why I should choose you*

as creative as you can,
but in less than 10 words.

(psstt: bribes are accepted. *wink*)

I'll choose the best comment on 12.00am Sunday, 8th April.

That's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Enter the website with caution,
it's very addictive.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Money matters

It's untrue when people say money can't buy happiness.

When I buy stuff it makes me happy.
No matter the size or use of that item,
it makes me happy. 

Because I'm a freaking shopaholic. That's why.

It's that simple.

It's untrue when they say money isn't everything.

How many would voluntarily give up riches
and live a poor life?

(other than monks)
[But you see monks walking around with iPhones and iPads too]

Yes, rich people have their own problems which I might never face,
but like what people say:

"It's always nicer to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle."
(especially when it's raining)

Take studies after high school for example:

Most rich people will worry about:
"should I go to public university, private university, private college, or just study abroad?"
then scrapes off "public university" from the list of choices.

Not-so-rich people will worry about:
"Should I take STPM or start working?"
"Will I be able to get results good enough to enter uni after STPM or would I waste 2 years?"
"Will I get the course I want?"
"Can I get a scholarship or a student loan?"
"Would I have to work while I study?"
"Will I be able to pay back the loan?"

Rich people will have problems like
"which car should I buy?"
"where should I park my car?"
"I hate having to pick my friends up!!"

Not-so-rich people will have problems like
"XXXXXX(insert words that expresses frustration), I miss the bus!!"
"I hope the bus comes soon, I'm late!!"
"It's crazy that I have to walk so far under this hot weather."

if you've ever been pushed around by someone who earns more than you
because you can't do what they can,
you'll know how I'm feeling right now.

From now on I'm going to work harder to earn money!!

Just because I don't want to be pushed around anymore.

You can help by visiting my blog more often and clicking on the ads!! =D

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We went through the creativity killer

Back to black.

I always envy how the westerners could be so colourful in high school.

Although if I had to choose and outfit everyday for high school,
I would probably have a to pop 2 panadols everyday,
and have stomach problems by the age of 20,

but I think the rules in school kill the creativity.

Why so?

I came from schools that were really strict with our appearance.

in primary school

Spot me!!

I think it's quite tough. =p

*Leave a comment and tell me which one do you think is me.

In high school,
our hair cannot be longer than 3cm under the ear.

That's when you wish your ear reaches a little longer down.
Our fringe weren't allowed to touch or be longer than our eyebrows.

I feel sorry for those who have high eyebrows.

Same group of people,
but in high school.
We all went to the same school so you can see what the girls in our school looked like.

Try and spot me again.

the best hairstyle for my school's hair rule is Cleopatra's,

 but shorter.

We can't wear any sort of necklace,
or accessories of any kind.

When I went to France,
I stayed with a "foster family"
and their children get to wear whatever they want to school.

The boys just wore pullovers and jeans
but the girl was more of a goth fan.
Though she didn't wear black lipstick,
her outfits were practically black all over.
She wore ripped black leggings to school sometimes.

And I find that really cool.

They get to wear chained bracelets,

I don't know if that's allowed,
but that's what they wore to school.

One of the boys had long hair,
and the other one used to have long hair.

I bet there are students who dye their hair there now and then
since there are natural blonds, red heads and brunettes,
the school can't restrict hair colour to just black.

They can wear make up to school.

I think it's nice to have the freedom to express themselves through clothing
or hairstyles/colour.

I thought there would be more freedom as I grow older, but

Even in (public) uni we can't wear what we want.

If we wear skirt or shorts,
there will be people staring at us like 
if they concentrated enough,
it will make the attire miraculously grow longer and cover up our legs.

Same goes for sleeveless.

I don't see the offence.

Legs are not in any way connected to sexual stuff,
dirty minds, on the other hand
connect anything to sexual stuff.

A banana is a fruit,
if your mind is dirty enough,
a banana could mean something else to you
and girls cannot see them
because it might cause them to have sexual thoughts.

If you're Malaysian,
you probably know what the cough is for.

It's not logical to be all wrapped up
when we stay in a hot country like this.

I'm not saying that you should disobey what your religion tells you,
I'm just saying 

Don't judge others by the rules of your religion.

What I want to say for this post is:
What is wrong with expressing ourselves through clothing?

I know there must be boundaries,
but some rules are just meaningless, a waste of money and time.

Take the school rule of having short hair for instance.

It is a waste of money because I have to cut my hair every month.
Luckily hairdressers in Butterworth don't charge like the ones in KL.

If they charge RM20 for a haircut,
I might go broke for attending high school

and I won't get the chance to go broke for attending uni.

Forever a loan.

what does attire have to do with knowledge?

The limitation to attire and hair styles is a creativity killer in a way.

We can't come out with different ways to tie our hair,
different ways to dress up,
how to mix and match,
how to reuse old clothes and make them look trendy again.


it's a challenge to creativity at the same time.

We become creative in finding loopholes in the rules
and make things go our way
without being caught.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. If we don't get to go crazy with our look in school or uni, 
we won't be able to do it at work.

Unless you work with a fun company who doesn't care what you wear.