Thursday, 8 March 2012

When you don't have a car in KL

When you don't have a car in KL,
it's nearly impossible to look hot/super pretty.

Let's start from top to bottom.

Ze hair. Ze mane. Ze locks. Whatever you wanna call zem. 

The weather in Malaysia disagrees with my hair.
Say I curl my hair nicely to go to work
coz I have an event to go to after work.

But when I left home,
it was raining.

I walk to work.

So by the time I reach my office
(which is 5 mins walk away)
my hair is fugly.

The rain didn't even touch my hair
and there was no wind.

is the make up.

The hot weather does not do any justice to people with oily skin. 

I stay in an air-conditioned place
and once I get out,
my face will produce enough oil to fry an egg.
And the heat from the sun can help with the frying.

An oily face does not hold make up well,
because make up remover that most effectively removes make up
is oil based.

And it helps reflects the light back when taking pic with the flash on too.

At least if I have a car to drive around,
I'll be less exposed to the sun which helps produce oil.

Then we move to the clothes.

I always wanted to wear nice clothes out.
Short skirt or short pants or even dresses sometimes.

But I can't wear them because I don't have a car.

Ok, I can wear them,
but I hate it when ppl stare at my legs in the bus
or when I'm waiting for the bus,
or when I walk to the bus stop
and disgusting creatures on bikes make weird noises towards my direction.

My legs are not that attractive.

maybe they are. *cough*

Uncovered legs,
bringing out the wolves in humans since forever.

That's with casual wear.

Imagine having to go to events on public transport.
Dolled up with dinner wear,
and had to wait for bus/taxi.

maybe taxi is not that bad,
but then
there are too many freaking evil greedy taxi drivers out there
who are just waiting for their prey to fall into their laps. taxis.

Imagine wearing this and hopping onto a bus.
Not only will people stare like there's no tomorrow
(because people who show too much skin deserves to be stare at)
it would be really hard to balance in the bus
in those heels
while making sure the dress doesn't silently slips off
and showing more skin in forbidden areas. 
(if you know what I mean)

And while doing all that,
you have to be sure that
no one can "accidentally" touch your boob/ass.

Zen we shall move to ze stems.

I personally love heels.
I only have 2 pair of flats,
one pair are actually sport shoes,
the other pair are sneakers.

The rest of my shoes
are heels.

If you know how it feels to wear heels and walk around,
imagine wearing heels
and balancing in a bus,
then walk to the LRT station,
up the stairs,
and then waiting for the LRT to arrive,
and finally standing in the LRT
because there are usually no seats.

And the people here are nowhere near chivalrous
so don't expect someone to get up from their seats
just because you're wearing short skirt and high heels.

Or because you have a vagina. 

Because they believe in equal rights,

and that only girls should do the house chores and cook.

Equal rights just couldn't exist.

Because you won't find girls staring at a guy's boobs/ass/legs.

Well ass and legs maybe. 

Back to my point.

If you need to take public transport,
it's impossible to look hot/pretty.

Because by the time you reach somewhere,
your hair will be out of shape,
your face oily and sweaty,
you can't dress up nicely,
and your legs will hurt like crazy already.

unless you're the naturally pretty type
who wears t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, have short hair
and still look gorgeous.

I just don't happen to be one of them.

So guys,
if you can't pick the girl up,
don't expect her to look flawless.

that's what J_Fish has to rant about~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Anyone kind enough to sell me a fairly nice car at a super duper omg it's crazy low price? 

Pretty please... 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Possibly the "best" webpage ever


I was doing research for game companies from France

like a good employee.

I had no idea how to search properly
so I kinda searched for "developpeur de jeux en ligne"
which means Online games developer as in the job position.
Like reverse search.
Search as a job position
and find the company offering.

I was never good at searching.

I found a job opening for that
and the company's website,
which is this.

Well that's how it looks like.

Looks like a very professional website.
Only has the company's name
and "".

I tried clicking around the whole page
trying to find a drop down menu or somthing
and realize that the only clickable thing
was "".

And so I clicked it.
And that was the end.

There was a blank page.

Why have a webpage with a domain
and nothing at all in that website?

Either the company is no longer in business
(which is not the case)
or they really need employees badly. 

They do, however have a FB page
and weird enough,
they did state the website in the info.

The question is:


that's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Woman In Black

The movie is wicked scary.
I went to watch if because of Daniel Radcliffe...

And I regretted like crazy when I was going through it.
Coz I've stopped being a fan of horror movies
since a few years ago.

These three girls were in the first scene.
They died.

How and why
you will know when you watch it. 

Had to search for a few pictures to show here
and I'm reliving the scare.

it's a nice movie.

Because I closed my eyes whenever I sense a scare coming.

It's about a man (Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a Arthur Kipps) 
who works in a law firm
and who is sent to a small village for work.

In that village
there is a rumour/curse about a woman in black.

and well she's the root of all horrors.
Other than the creepy toys that one boy has in that creepy house
Arthur had to work in. 

Why would people give such creepy toys to kids
I will never know. =/

With the help and (en)courage(ment)
of another villager,
Arthur tries to finish his work
in the creepy mansion on an island.

(Like creepy mansion isn't scary enough
it's on an island that's reachable through a road
that would be covered when the tide comes in)

And there he encounters that lady in black.

As the story unfolds,
you will know who the lady is
and why is she so scary.

My eyes were closed for almost 30% of the movie.
Because I was too much of a chicken
to face the horror like a (wo)man. 

Remind you of some other movie?

the movie was all scary because of the sound effect.

After I got out of the cinema,
everything was fine.
Maybe cause the target were children,
and pedobear disapproves me. 

Maybe cause something else was running through my head.

I was scared again
when I was searching for pictures for this post. 
because all the pictures are so scary. T^T

I guess I'm actually a big fan of his
because I wouldn't watch a horror movie otherwise.

It's overall a nice movie,
but I don't like the ending. 

It's not a movie for those who are easily freaked out/has a good imagination. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I just hope the darn lady wouldn't scream so much.