Friday, 13 January 2012

Furniture shop rant

The night view from my (new) balcony.
You can (kinda) see Sunway Pyramid on the left.
Happy (super belated) new year (wish)!!

I moved in on the last day of last year,
so that I can have a new start for this year.

It took me days to pack
and hours to move,
which resulted in watching only half of MI4.

Shii Teck had to watch half the movie with a seat.

after 11 days of staying in the house,
I finally got my closet and desk!!
I purposely chose a furniture shop which is really close to my new place,
which is a street across.
And they took 10 days to send the furniture over.
The mirror is one of those magic mirrors!!
I look slimmer in it. =D

ze inside

Next is my desk!!
I love it so much.

I like it coz of the cover.
Now my stuff can be less covered in dust!!
Ideal for lazy bums who don't like to clean.

Look what I found while
cleaning the closet....

Zoom in...
The cockroach says hello.
With broken legs. =(

It was still crunchy when I got it out of the drawer...
I don't like cockroaches
like 99% of the rest of the world
but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
to make her closet clean.

No knight in shining armor to escort ze cockroach out of it's resting place...
what to do...

Done parading the furniture.

ze rant starts!!

If you don't want to read the rant....


I was really upset at first,
but the awesome furniture spoiled my angry mood. 
it's gonna be short(er).

As I mentioned,
I went to the furniture shop a street across to get my furniture.
I don't want to tell the shop's name.

*cough* E.T Furniture Shop *cough*

I don't want to tell the location either


I went to buy my furniture
on the 1st of January.
The shop was opened.

I paid 90% and asked if they deliver at night
coz I finish work at 7pm
and I don't want to take leave just to wait for them to deliver.
They say it's ok
and wrote down at my receipt "deliver after 7.30pm".

After about 4 days,
the shopkeeper called me
and asked if they can send the furniture over in the afternoon
(of the same day)

*conversation shortened*
(because if it was the full conversation you would fall asleep
and wake up and realize your computer fell asleep)

I told them no,
cause I was working. 

Who the heck calls so last minute
and assumes we're free to sit at home and wait for furniture?

Plus it's written "deliver after 7.30pm"

I told them it's ok if they send it over on Saturday,
just give me the time or at least the time range.
They say they can't confirm the time, not even a time range.
Can't even confirm if they really can deliver.

I was pissed.
No way I was going to waste my Saturday waiting for my furniture to arrive
and in the end might not get it.
If they gave me ETA,
I would be more than happy to wait,

Because I really can't stand living without a closet.
All my clothes were still in bags.

I told them to check if they can confirm delivering the furniture on Saturday
and call me back (with the results).

They didn't call.

so I called.

They didn't check.
And gave me stupid excuses
like they're not the ones who arrange the delivery.

I asked them to check with the people who arrange the delivery,
they say they can't ask.


What kind of shop has delivery service but doesn't arrange the time
and can't ask the person who arranges the time?!

Talk about poor customer service...

I can't remember how many times they called to ask
if they can deliver them in the afternoon. 


For some unknown reason

they just can't accept the fact that I work.



And finally, they did.


that's what J_Fish has to say ~ Au Revoir~

Monday, 9 January 2012

Portable Charger/Battery

Wanna show off my phone's new shirt/dress/whatever you wanna call it.
It's red!!!
It took me very long to find one
that's not too expensive and red.

I got it at the bridge between The Curve and Ikano btw. 

the main character in this post,
is this.

It's a portable battery a.k.a charger.

I saw a deal on

Because Shii Teck has 1 and I'm jealous
so I want to have 1 too.


It has 9 ports/sticks/shapes
to fit charger heads for a few devices.

Contains up to 3000mAh.
(If you don't know what mAh is,
you just have to know this:
the higher the mAh, the longer the battery lasts).

The size in comparison to my model the mouse
*wolf whistles to the mouse*

Comes with a built-in torch.

The bag contains the 9 plug head things, 
the thing with a circle in the middle is the connector,
and the battery itself.

The circular thing is actually the wire. 

It's convenient because it shows how much battery it has left.
So you don't have to wonder how much it has left
or charge for 10minutes and finds out
that it's out of battery.

The reason I want this
is because although I don't use the data plan often
But when I do,
my phone's battery will drain like diarrhoea...

The problem is when that happens,
I will suddenly be expecting an important call
or suddenly need to use GPS.

better safe than sorry.

Now 1 have double battery life. =D

I just have to remember to charge both.
The battery has to be charged using laptop/computer.

Coz it only has a USB charger head.

I'm sure it's worth the money.
3000mAh for RM110.
(it's actually worth RM199)

I know soon some other company will come out with something
a lot more worth the money,
but for now,
I'm happy with it.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. 5 hours in a bus is really long...