Saturday, 1 December 2012

Tutorial for simple smoky eyes

Yay. Got a request for tutorial for the look in my Black and White post. 
Do check it out. =D

Eyebrows- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascara in 02

Upper false lashes- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation "Doll"

 (Found cheaper replacements at Sunway Pyramid's Asian Avenue's falsies shop for RM18 per box.)

Bottom false lashes- Kiss Me Heavy Rotation "Pure"

Colours for the smoky eye:

For eyelids:
Maroon from pink palette
Navy blue from purple palette

For under the eyes:
Light brown from pink palette (above maroon)

Sephora's eyeshadow brush

First, start with a dash of maroon on the inner eyelid.

use the navy/purple.
Make the outer corners darker and gradually move the colour inward.

The shape at the end of your eyes depends on your eye shape.
I made it a lot longer than my eye's end.

 Add upper lashes

Also, use the light brown on the pink palette
and line the bottom inner corner under your eyes.

Add on lower lashes.

I like to stick it just below my natural lashline
because it gives a wider eye effect.

If you stick it too far from the line,
it'll look very fake though, so be careful.

And voila!

Here you go.
A very simple smoky eye look. =D
Without eyeliner too.

Remember to add some blusher.
I used the blusher (in oblong) from the green palette for the first picture.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Those palettes are from my Sephora pret-a-porter set.
I don't think it's still in-stock but I'm glad I got it.


  1. O.O. I thought u used eyeliner sia. Not bad huh. Next time i try to play with mine XD.
    Thanks for the tutorial XD

  2. wah!! ur makeup set so awesome!

  3. I've never tried lower lashes! Upper lashes oso a bitch to apply.. how la to put lower lash? o.O

  4. You look good in eyeliner. Iris looks weird with it lol.