Thursday, 27 December 2012

That Saturday at Publika

Probably the first full body OOTD picture in my blog ever. 

Shades are vintage.
Top and high waist pants from Asian Avenue
Shoes bracelet from charity sale there and then
Studded bracelet from Brands Outlet
Shoes from Summit

Was given the chance to attend a graffiti workshop
by Nuffnang at Publika 2 Saturdays ago. 

When I got there people were busy spraying away on canvases already. 

 I was quite amazed by how realistic this looks. 
I mean, it's still obviously a painting,
but that eye...

Honestly I preferred it without the white highlights. 

We were led into the Black Box,
which is in the building next to Red Bean Bag.

The 4 graffiti artists at the workshop.
From left to right:
Escape, Medea, Kartun & Anokayer

All of them started differently, but all of them shared a passion in fine arts.

Focus on the panoramic picture at the back.
Realistic graffiti art for a restaurant done by Medea, the guy speaking.

It's interesting to learn that:
1. DBKL legalized the graffiti paintings on the walls along Sg Klang, which is that wall in front of the Pasar Seni LRT station. 
They even have an annual graffiti event there. If you feel like venturing into the graffiti business, or you just want to showcase your art, or just want to try how it feels to spray on walls legally, find any empty spot on that wall, and you can express yourself freely. 

Be sure not to paint over other paintings though. Ethics people. 

(It would be best to go to Sg Klang area in a group as there are homeless ppl lingering and it could be dangerous.)

2. Don't be afraid to ask for permission to paint.
If you see an empty wall and would like to decorate it, just ask for permission from the owner of that wall, be it a shop or a house. You might not get paid, but hey, it's publicity. Who knows if you're really nice and the owner really appreciates your art, you'll get something else in return. =D

3. Don't be afraid to ask
If you want to learn about graffiti or venture into this branch of art, you can always ask the graffiti artists for help and guidance. Post questions on their Facebook page or join the community. 

Kartun creating his alter ego. Spray-ception?

The final look.
(From Kartun's Facebook profile. =X).

On the same day,
there was an Indie Youth Festival.

People performing their own work and some covers.

It was nice to just sit there and chill with black cat Iris
and chomping on the sandwiches from O'Brien's with a can of chilled coke,
listening to indie rock band Shh... Diam! cover "Leaving on a jet plane".

The weather was just fine. Not too hot and breezy.
Just sitting there and not doing anything is enjoyable enough.

I went to watch Life of Pi (finally) after that.
It was a good day.

Life is easily enjoyed when your weekdays suck.

That's what J_Fish wants to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. nice graffiti art :) need lots of time and space to practice this :X

  2. Cepatnye Abang Kian Fai. O= Go practice along the wall of Sg. Klang la. =D

  3. Spray-ception iz nice! Me likey! <3

  4. LOL. You look like a blind girl le.

  5. conteng ur wall in your house can?

  6. Love your OOTD. I love graffiti art actually. Very creative wan..

  7. The graffiti art is sooooo cool. Love your shades btw :D

  8. Ah Fer, can, after that remember to paint back the original colour.

    Xue Ren, Merryn and Hilda thanks. =D

    Yes, the artists are all really creative. And very very skilled!! =)