Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It was Christmas?

You didn't get presents from Santa coz one reindeer was busy camwhoring. 

Gold and red eyeshadows for Christmas camwhore.

Simple Christmas this year.
Went to watch The Hobbit with Marilyn, Ken and his friend Shaun
at GSC MAXX in Time Square. 
I can't tell the difference. =X

But it was nice to hang out with a crazy bunch of funny folks that made me laugh so much today. 

Went to Bangsar with Yat later on just to have a cuppa at Antipodean. 

How nice the flowers they used  for decoration.

On every table. =D

Had another good laughing session there
when they tried to add "bulu" to all the coffee names. 
The most epic is "Long Black Bulu".

Went home after that and watched movies on my laptop.
So it's kind of a movie day la. 
Like every other day. 

But somehow,
it didn't feel like Christmas this year.
Probably because of the lack of Christmas songs on the radio.
It felt like a weekend
or just any other public holiday.
I was looking forward to Christmas,
and when it finally came,


Well I got 2 books as presents from other ppl,
and I bought a shitload of presents for myself     =X

which is better than last year,
when I didn't get presents at all. 

Hopefully new year's eve would be good,
and next Christmas would be great!!

But till then,
time to get back to reality. 
Work it is.

And work makes people feel old. 

How was your Christmas?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ A late Bon Noel~


  1. hi reindeer, can i pull ur horns?
    merry xmas and come let's go for new year shopping wtf

  2. My Christmas was pretty much sleeping and facing the laptop, which is even meh than yours. Hope you'll have a great new year then! :D

  3. I can't feel christmas either, the very first time without fireworks on the actual day. =X

    Btw, the last picture of yours looks pretttyyyyy!!!

  4. We kinda had the similar Christmas :x I spent my day playing game and tapau food and eat at home ALONE -___-

  5. Dear ah Fer, no you cannot pull my horns because reindeers have antlers instead. =X

    Hilda, Y U NO GO OUT? Hope you have a great year too!!!

    Ah Dan, I look pretty in every picture ok. hahahahahaha.

    Iris, you should have joined us for yamcha or something. Didn't know you were spending it alone. >_________<

  6. dayummmmmmmm. Should have type antlers sigh.

  7. my christmas was spent looking for a dress for henry's sister's wedding, and watching the Hobbit :p but it's true, it felt more like a weekend instead of a celebration :p haha

  8. Ah fer, FAIL. =p

    Choulyin, at first I read looking for a dress for Henry's wedding. Dafuq. Hahahahahaha.

  9. Reindeer so pretty one ah? No wonder Santa never made it to my house! >_<