Sunday, 30 December 2012

Darn you addictions!!

it has come to this.

You know how when you have to study,
you find everything interesting,
and start to google about them?

The same happens when you have work. =D

Well taking a break from simultaneously packing my stuff and working,
I'm taking a break to write a blog post.

Other than taking time off to blog,
I've been taking a whole lot of time off.... to play games on my phone.

here are the games that I can just sit there and play for hours and hours,
if my phone's battery can survive.

Turtle fly.
It's a simple game. Simple, but not easy.

It's basically a game which requires a lot of patience and control.
The objective I'm trying to reach now
is to fly to the moon.
(Objective reached after I wrote that. =X)

And to do that,
you have to be able to control your turtle by tilting your phone left and right
to avoid the flying objects, e.g. planes, rockets, UFO etc.

Oh, and you have to keep an eye on the fuel too.
You can only hit those flying objects so many times,
unless you collect HP replenish.

I'm so addicted to this game I've succeeded to make my turtle drift.
Yes, drift, like in Initial D.

That's a badass turtle I have there.

the game is called Mega Jump.

This one is a no brainer.
It's very easy to play,
the objective is to unlock new levels,
and the only way to do that,
is to keep going up,
and to do that, you have collect floating gold coins.

Only coins (and a few helping power ups) can help you move upwards,
if you fail to reach a coin,
you'll fall to your death, and you have to start over again.

Easy peasy.

The next one is probably quite well known... 10 months ago.
Temple Run.
I didn't get to play it before this coz my phone can't support it.
But now I can. =D

Then last but not least,
Pocket Frogs.
I hate frogs, but these are just too darn cute.

It's quite a lame game actually,
you make your frogs jump around in the pond while trying to eat dragonflies,
and mate.

You collect different species and colours, and sell them so that you can buy more places for more frogs.

So it's just frogs enjoying themselves.
Food, jumping around freely, and mating.

All of the above are old games,
but I find them very.... time wasting. In a good way.
Well maybe not.

Still looking for nice games out there,
so please introduce some of them to me pwease. X)

And here's a pic of my odango. I bought the donut thingy that helps to make odangos.

Oh, and my nails are ready for 2013. =D

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Now to think of it, this post is actually proof of how outdated I am. =X


  1. AHA! the nail colors! Is it the new one you bought? opi one?

  2. Nope. This one is from Skin Food.

  3. I'm addicted to one game Ethan downloaded on my iPhone. Kill dinosaur wan. I dunno what's the name but damn I can sit there for hours trying to hunt and shoot all dinos!