Monday, 26 November 2012

Vanity in black and white

After I wrote my previous post,
I actually spent time going through my blog.

Checking the most read posts,
and just keep clicking on "older post" (action recommended)
and I'm really glad that despite my way of writing which do not require the need of brain matter
I still have (a few) really supportive readers.

You know who you are.

after going through my blog,
I realize one thing.

I've lost my vanity in this blog.
If you have extra time to burn,
scroll through my blog,
and you'll know what I mean.

And this post is to show people that I'm still an amateur bimbo.
No worries.

Was quite happy with the make up,
but decided while editing pictures that I should just make all of them black and white.

And I loved the result. =)

I actually want to do a photoshoot in the afternoon which involves more landscape,
but my bed won't let me leave.

Recently bought a tripod for my cam.
The storekeeper even asked me out.
But didn't offer to give me a discount.
*scrapes off list*

Ok so it's just a random update.

I'm fine as usual and after cooling down on blogging,
I had more time to do.... nothing.

Seriously, all I've been doing is watching more movies.
But well,
I lack topic to write about.

Thanks for visiting again.
Leave a comment?

Dress with beaded shoulder-Romp
Plain black dress- online shop which I do not recommend. --_________--lll

Coloured picture will be shown in tutorial post so stay tuned!!

xoxo, J_Fish.

feels wrong to not say it, so

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. wuuuuuuuuuuu... I like that.
    A tutorial on ur makeup maybe? XD

  2. Cannot. >________< I'm very stiff in front of other ppl's camera.

  3. No you don't look stiff, *bish* you look natural in my cam wtf

  4. DAMN, did the guy ask you for number? Hangout la... one sec, he lengzai or not one?? WTF

    Btw nice ah your blacnk and white photos. =]
    How much you bought the tripod?

  5. Do more of this hairstyle~got 'nv ren wei' leh :D

  6. Super love the last shot of you. If I'm a guy I'll start stalking you like crazeh!!

  7. Kahmon: Nola. Just joking probably. XD Flirt flirt flirt. My tripod I got it for RM68, a bit expensive la. Should be able to get it at a cheaper price.

    Iris: I used a lot of stuff on my hair to get that look, very hard to wash out after that. T^T

    Merryn: Awww. Thanks. ^__________^