Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The wayward blogger

You might (or might not) have noticed that I've been blogging less.
I usually have at least 1 blog post every week.
And I've had almost 2 weeks of hiatus before this.

The truth is, I finally realized what went wrong (with me)(as a blogger).
And I was busy with work and was quite lazy too. 

I got caught up in the blogsphere.

I used to be a very carefree blogger. I write because I want to and because I can.

Then suddenly a lot of events came along,
and I lost my direction and I didn't realize that I didn't know what I was doing.

I didn't like what I was turning into, which is I'm sorry to say, what a lot of bloggers are.
When someone said "every blogger wants to be famous" I finally realize what my problem was.
I was suddenly blogging for the wrong reasons.

My blog views increased 100% over the past 2 months or so,
and I was really glad.
I was accepted into the "blogger gang" and I was invited to events.
I was getting "more popular".

But that made me into more of an attention whore than ever.
I started spamming social media.
I started posting everything on Instagram and Twitter like it was the voice in my head.
I linked all my social media together.
When I posted something, on Instagram, for example, my Twitter and Facebook, and even my blog will be updated

with the same things.

Which is quite redundant after I took a step back and looked.

I was practically hard selling (a.k.a shoving) my life into everyone's life and up their noses.

And suddenly, I realize that's not ME.

I used to be such a privacy loving person.
And suddenly I want all the attention I can get.

I've always known the way to fame as a female blogger, which is what I noticed, has become a trend.
To become a "famous blogger" if you are a girl, you just have to:
1. Be pretty
2. Show skin. A lot. Cleavage will always be good.

If you have the above criteria, even if you lack writing skills or even common grammatical knowledge, people will still visit your blog. Looks matter. Very true story.

Since I'm neither an extremely attractive girl, nor a girl who chooses to show cleavage,
I'm practically "struggling to become a famous blogger".

But then, why? Why am I struggling to become a famous blogger
when I can be "just a blogger"?

Fame and fortune is not what I really wanted when I started my blog.
If it comes, I'm more than glad to grab it,
but if it doesn't, blogging is something I love to do.
I shouldn't be working hard to sell my blog.
(I'm not saying that it's wrong to do it, but I choose not to.)

I shouldn't be trying to befriend the PR to get invites so that I have more events to cover,
I shoulnd't be trying to befriend other bloggers because at one point, they might be able to help me.

I should be a genuine friend. Which is what I was looking for when I first joined the "blogger gang".
I wanted friends instead of someone that can help me in the blogsphere.

The blogsphere is at times, too complicated for me.

You see bloggers, sometimes, saying one thing to you and another on their blog.
They think a product sucks, but they still give it good reviews
because they were chosen to review them.

You see bloggers, sometimes, befriending people
just because they foresee that you can be some sort of use to them in the future.
It's like a "you scratch my back, I scratch your back" kinda thing,
but they don't ask if your back is itchy in the first place.
They scratch it first, and now you "owe them",
so you should do something in return.

I'm not saying that people should take help for granted,
if I helped you, it would be nice to show gratitude. A simple "thank you" would be great.
But I don't expect you to help me in return for my help.
It would be nice if you can help, but it's fine if you can't.

Now, I just want to go back to being "just a blogger".
I will join whatever events I want, write posts whenever I feel like it.
I don't want to instagram whatever I eat, tweet about my whereabouts all the time.
I want to sincerely be friends with people, and I would like the same in return.
I want to know people for the sake of friendship, instead of to get more connections.

I've dropped all links between my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram,
so if you really care, please follow each of them separately.

Blogging shouldn't be stressful, if you really love it.

For those who still chose to come back,
sorry for the lack of cleavage.

So here,

Thanks for still clicking on my link.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. If you feel burnt, feel free to apply room temperature water on wound. Don't use cold water because you'll get blisters.

Just a friendly reminder.

I didn't mean to burn btw. Just in case someone terasa.


  1. IS THAT YOU? <3
    And I still love you anyway~ >.<

  2. I WISH!!! XD If that's really me then I sure femes liao.

  3. Can la, can be you. let me imagine then can be you dy. lol wtf

  4. That's quite ironic, honestly.

  5. haha, always love the way you describe things, so funny ! thumb up ^^

  6. Fuh, that is one nice cleavage! :P It happens to the best of us, in the craziness of chasing fame and fortune we sometimes lost all sense of directions.

  7. Thanks Ee. =)

    I hope that's how my real cleavage looks like, Merryn. XD And I'm glad I got back on track.

  8. Blogging should never be stressful, especially when we're not paid. If you have the passion to share something, it'd be automatic and fun =) Twilight Breaking Dawn review