Tuesday, 27 November 2012

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So it was quite an eventful week last week. 

Watched Rise of the Guardians. 
Totally have a pedo crush on Jack Frost.

Here exhibits me trying to look like a retard with a boomerang mustache.
Because of the Easter Bunny from Australia (a.k.a Hugh Jackman)

It was a good show for kids and those who are young at heart.

Grumpy adults are not advised to watch it.

Got my tickets for Watson's Music Festival
Spend >RM60 on participating brands and redeem them for free.
2 tickets to member zone which is in front of the stage if you're keen enough.
(list of participating brands can be seen on ticket or at the counter)

Updated my blog after a 2 week hiatus.

This pic was part of the NovPhotoChallenge.
It was for day 21, a photo of sunset.
Glad it didn't rain that evening and I managed to capture this
from the place I stayed.

 Went back to UM to watch a basketball friendly match by my juniors. 
Got the burger from the stall that I frequent when I was in uni.
The guy still remember me 1.5 years after my graduation. =)

Got bored waiting for the game to start and decided to take a picture of my shoes. 

My fringe has grown to an unacceptable length. 
But I liked how my curls turned out that day.
The day I felt Japanesy.

Random "artsy" shot of my favourite childhood candy
The price has skyrocketed since the last time I bought it.
Then I was told by someone it was overpriced.
But .... I got it at Giant...
I miss the times when it only costed RM1.30. 
Now it's RM2.50. Almost double the price. T^T

Slightly soothed my addiction for Starbucks. 
What I always order.
Caramel Frappucino with whip cream
The ppl at Starbucks ss2 don't ask for your names.
But... I like my name on the cup.

Friend from high school who went to same uni
asked me to go watch the semis for SUKMUM,
(Sukan Mahasiswas University Malaya).
Her college (what we call our hostels) was in the semis.
Went to watch one match and ended up watching 4
Totally worth it.

No idea who planned the whole game,
but the semis was right before finals.
Meaning the 4 teams in the semis had to play 2 games for that night,
and one of the team had to play 2 games back to back.
And that team happened to be my friend's college team. 

Since it was a last minute thing,
I went in my platform shoes,
and stood for 4 hours straight. 
But still,
totally worth it.
The boys played really really well.
Congrats to 11th for winning I've lost count how many years in a row. XD 

Went out with Jennifer a.k.a Ah Fer/ Furfer who got her .com quite recently. 

She was busy being a blogger with her newly bought cam.

Played with my food. --_____--lll Hey Mickey!! It's actually wasabe and the small dishes. 

Had my favourite dishes in Ichiban Boshi
which is along the food court at Pavilion on the lower levels.
They have really fresh and tasty salmon. 

That is considered eventful for an OL who stays far from the city and finishes work late.
Not much blogger events that I can go to
since most of them are during weekdays at
inconvenient hours for working people.

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That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir


  1. LOL @ grumpy adults!! Luckily I'm just a normal one :p


  2. I sense a lot of grumpy adults watched animations LOL

  3. Probably forced by someone to watch along. =p