Sunday, 18 November 2012

H-Artistry Finale 2012

The finale of H-Artistry Trilogy 2012 was held in MIECC on 3rd November.
And I was there!! =D 

We got there quite late,
but it was actually just nice
because right after we got through the entrance,
we saw these bad boys coming through.

 Block B, one of the performers that night.
They walked right past us.
If I was a crazy fan I could have grabbed one of them.

Their skin were so fair and smooth I feel ashamed. Pffftttttttt.

The way towards the party is draped in red.

The waiting hall this time had DJs spinning,
so it was like a pre-party to warm everyone up.
Drinks were served as usual.

The famous 360 cam.
We didn't manage to take a picture this time because the line was really long when we reached.

The stage right at the entrance.

I was quite excited with the stage.
Because unlike the other 2 H-Artistry stages that were next to the wall, 
this one is right in the middle of the hall and can be seen from all corners.

We were in Zone O that night, and the above was our view of the stage.

 Block B were the first to take the stage.
Their songs were not bad, and it was unlike other catchy Korean songs.
They spoke to the crowd in Korean though.
I would prefer if we actually understood what they were saying.

I mean,
as performers, 
they should actually speak in a language which the audience could understand.

Alexandra Burke was next to heat up the crowd,
and she did that quite well.
It was during her performances when I got carried away.

The Hennessy Berry was so nice
I took a little too many. =X

But hey, we were at H-Artistry Finale yo!!
It's supposed to be wild and fun!!

Another Korean group who performed. EVOL.

I didn't take a lot of pictures that night,
because I suck that way.
I borrowed pictures from my babes. 

Me, Charmaine, Kahmon a.k.a Bendan, Hui Min, and Iris, who was the only one wearing white in this pic. 

And if you're wondering why Kahmon and Iris aren't looking at the camera,
no they're not pretending to be looking away,
they're looking at the flip out screen.

Iris, Charmaine et moi.
I pretty much spend my whole conscious night with these two.
Especially Charmaine.
She was around me all night,
taking care of me. 

Kahmon, Iris, me and Charmaine

Unfortunately my plus one went missing the whole night
after entering.
Didn't even bothered to come over and take a picture.
tsk tsk tsk.

I know there are people who are unhappy with the event,
but hey, you can't please everyone right?

To me, the people you hang out with decides how good the party was.
If you have a bunch of great people around you,
you could go on partying regardless the environment.

I definitely had fun this round. 
More fun that the previous 2.

At least now when I look back,
I have a lot to laugh about.

This was my first year going to any and all 3 of the H-Artistries,
and I got to know a few new friends, met up with some old ones, and enjoyed myself. 
It's a whole new adventure compared to my boring behind-the-desk-life,
and I was really glad I was invited.

Can't wait for the ones next year,
so H-Artistry 2013, yes, all 3 of you, just bring it on!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. <3. pretty leng luis everywhere. And I knew what you did that night. TEEHEEHEEEE

  2. You la didn't go. Hmmph. If you went it would be you and I both!! XP

  3. Four beautiful gals, no guys come kacau kah? :)