Thursday, 25 October 2012

The Fangs (Tutorial)

This is a good way to have Halloween make up without messing up your face.
You'll see at the end what I mean. 

So, here we go again.

This idea popped up when I was waiting for Charmaine.

So I just whipped out my stuff and started painting on my hand.

Made it better with opinions from the other blogger babes who were at an event.
Thanks for the input babes. =)

So the items you need from left to right:

1. Eyeshadow + lip brush
2. Kiss Me Eyeliner. I used this one because it has a fine tip. Easier for tracing.
3. Maybelline Watershine Pure in P21
4. Maybelline Colour Sensational in RC51 a.k.a Summer Sunset
5.Red portable palette from Sephora

And I missed out the most important one:
Maybelline Master Liner in white.

1. Draw teeth on your hand. Doesn't have to be straight. 
No braces.

2. Trace the teeth with the fine tip liner.

3. Use the dark brown from the palette to fill in the spaces.

4. Use RC51 to fill in the inner parts and P21 for the outer side. I recommend using the brush.

5. Use the dark brown to fill in the gaps of the teeth again. This will make the teeth look more obvious.

6. Randomly use the lighter colours on the red palette to make the teeth look dirtier.
Who the heck brushes fangs right?

7. Pose and say CHEESE. =D

I have a shitload of work piled up but decided to take a break and write this post instead. It's double work tomorrow!! I feel like a monster already!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I'm going through a very weird phase right now. Things are not going smoothly, so if I'm being very bitchy to you, you probably deserved it. please bear with me. I'll be normal once I find what I've been looking for.


  1. Hahaha so I probably should just keep quite when sensing something is wrong...

    cool tutorial by the way :D

  2. RARW... Me jus off my work laptop n decided to spend time reading blog!

  3. If the tajam part facing each other will be nicer leh. Better then last time!

  4. u should consider becoming makeup artist seriously

  5. woah! looks scary!! nice try! :)

  6. Fuiyoh, it looks so real :O Your 'artwork' always amazes me! :D

  7. Daniel: Yes, keeping quiet is the best choice.

    Thanks Cindy.

    Iris, Hilda & Xue Ren: Thanks. =D

    Charmaine: Nola. I'm not confident enough to charge ppl.

  8. The color looks much better already, GOOD JOB!! Btw, do you think we should have a halloween party ourselves? LOLOL