Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The bazaar in the mall

I went to a bazaar in 1st Subang Mall in SS15 Subang (duh) with Caroline.

There were around 15 stalls that sold a variety of items,
from clothes to books,
accessories to gadgets.

We went around the bazaar and thoroughly combed through all the (clothing and accessory) stalls
with much pleasure.
Shopaholics on the loose!!!

One of the accessories which caught my attention. Didn't buy it in the end. 

But the firs thing I bought was actually a book. *cue "unexpected facial expression"*
"G is for Gumshoe" was quite interesting, until the ending, which was disappointing.
I got it for RM5 from a second hand book stall!!
It's cheap entertainment. =p

The clothes there were more towards Korean and Taiwanese style,
and we were spoiled with choices for accessories!!
I got 2 pairs of cute earrings there for RM10.

They see us rollin, they snappin

So many pretty things, so little money.

Got my first ever mustard colour top there too. =D

Not only that,
we went for brunch at Sherlyn's Little Dream.

Ok, so I have a dream of owning my own cafe too,
but this is not mine.
See, there's one less "N" in the name. =X

Doesn't matter, the cake tastes super nice!!
Very thick, chocolaty brownie!!!
It's a good place to just sit, eat brownie and drink tea. *likeataitai*

Next part contains picture that will make you drool,
scroll past super fast if hungry.

To further fill up our stomach,
we were later served with great food from Coffee Signature.

Most of the bloggers wanted to get the Hello Kitty coffee art on their coffee.
But I was happy with mine.
Meet the bear fox.

and I killed Mr Bear Fox and made my own coffee art.
I call it "Stick and butt crack"

We even got the chance to go on manicure session.
Being me, I chose purple with slight glitter.
But unlike the other manicurist who were usually chatty,
I think mine was having a bad day so I just sat there and pretended to be a princess on a throne chair while a girl did my nails. Awkward can.

I present to you: My throne. 

Doesn't matter, had nice manicure!!

We had a great time at 1st Subang Mall,
thanks to the bazaar and shops there!!

We even went for a facial session there the next week.
Literally stuck gold to our faces. =p

So, anyone up for another pampering session there? =D

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. thanks for coming and reviewing the bazaar for us Sherlynn :))

  2. I've never been to that part of the world yet..

  3. Thanks for inviting Tammy. =D

  4. Im like...trying to zoom your pics to see if the shops have a website so i can check and buy online...haha

  5. ive been there before too, funtimes! :D

  6. Merryn: Ya, it's still quite new. Not a lot of ppl even know about it.

    ms.bulat: some of the shops do have pages on FB.

    Jessicat: Yup, it's quite nice to hang out there.