Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ted. Should you watch it?

I'm talking about the cinema version in Malaysia.

The answer is: YES.

Ted is a bromance + chick flick with a lot of "sexuality" and vulgarity.
If you wince when people say "fuck" and "shit", it's better to avoid it.

Contrary to popular belief, these swear words were not cut out nor muted.
There was just a 3 second part when Ted was muted and well, you can't lip read what he said anyway.
Come on, he's a bear. You could however guess that what he said wasn't too pleasant from what came after the mute.

"Ted" about a boy, John who wished that his bear would come to life and he got his wish granted.
Fast forward to 27 years later.

John stays with Lori, his girlfriend for 4 years together with Ted, and at the age of 35, John is not what one would usually call successful. He gets into some trouble with Ted and Lori finally decides that it's time for him to move on without Ted.

The whole movie was overall funny, but like any movie, there are the happy times, sad times, and suspense. To fully understand the jokes, however, you have to know a lot about the American pop culture. It's a good way to look back into the 90s though.

What is cut from the cinema version?
I assume only sexual scenes, because the words are left alone. Even smoking pot was untouched.

So if you don't mind watching the movie, or you're going with your crush, or you're being a third wheel and want to avoid the awkward sexy time, go to the cinema for it.

That's what J_Fish has to say~
p.s. The Thunder Song was cut. It's ok. Watch it here.