Sunday, 28 October 2012

TeAmo- Kepong

have you heard of this new place in Kepong?

If you're a fan of bubble milk tea and natural fruit juice, 
you'll definitely love this place,
because they combine both. =)

Introducing~ teAmo!!

I'm sure most of you will go "zing" when you see "buy 1 free 1"
so go and try it while the promotion is still on.

You get to try more flavours. ^_________^

We had a few choices of drinks that day,
which include:

I like something from all of them, and you can really see and taste the pulps of orange. 
Fresh fruits and bubble milk tea,
why not right? =p 

My favourite among these would be Guava Yakult. 
Taste like those yoghurt drinks that you get from supermarket. 
It's quite thick and creamy. 

Busy preparing the waffles

I think because the waffles were prepared earlier on,
they were soft and didn't taste that nice,
but the ones that we got after that,
the freshly made ones were crispy and really good.

They use 100% milk to make the waffles.
Wafu milky is RM2.50 while the rest are RM2.90 each.

The drinks range from RM3.90 - RM7.90

If you collect ten stamps on the card,
you'll get 1 free drink!! =D

Redeem all the drinks!!

Other than the drinks and wafu,
I actually like the environment of the shop.
It's well decorated with comfortable sofas. 

2 pics above are from Jennifer's blog

Our Miss Sunshine who was crowned on the very same day. 

Our little Miss Sunshine
in front of the wall poster which I like alot. =) 

Get the drinks and wafu, and choose a seat to chillax at teaAmo. =)
If they opened an outlet in Subang area,
I'd visit it often.

For more info, visit their Facebook page

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~