Thursday, 18 October 2012


I had a fight between my personalities about if I should watch it.
Then someone offered the +1 seat and I jumped at it. 

Sinister is a well named horror/ mystery movie that evolves around a real crime writer and the evidence he found while writing his new book.

Ellison moved into a house with his family to work on his new book which involves a missing child and the rest of her family who were hung dead on a tree in their backyard. Upon moving in, he finds a box with videos filmed with super8 films, with labels that sound like how people would casually label a family day. He plays them, and learns more than he expected.

The whole movie had this really creepy atmosphere to it, and even when you just know that the next moment something scary is about to happen, you'll still jump when it does. Maybe because it's in a house where you feel comfortable in, instead of in a cave or abandoned house, and that plays with your imagination, because you think... what if...

Like 99% of horror/ thrillers I've watched, sound effect played a huge role. The visual effects were somewhat scary, but it won't work as well without the sudden loud thuds and screeches.

If you're a horror/ thriller movie fanatic, this is something for you that is different from the past few that I've watched. It's not all horror and suspense though, it has a strong touch of gore too.

I was scared even for the parts when people were just talking. The horror sank in and got cozy.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. I got scared by the trailer LOL

  2. the most disturbing scene is definitely the lawn work scene. it would've been better if they didn't put in the cheap sudden loud scream trick. The Thieves review

  3. Yes the stupid scream made me jump in my seat. --______--lll Even though I was expecting something to happen at that moment.

  4. Manly man me was never disturbed or sound-beaten into submission.


  6. Ryan: Don't lie. XP

    Christopher: That part was terribel. T^T