Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Shizens Hydro Series Product Launch

The Shizens Hydro Series Product launched in Midvalley.

The main attraction of the night. 

The Hydro Series products are great for hydrating (per se) and anti-aging as well. We all know that well hydrated skin will stay youthful longer. You'll only find wrinkles on dried up apples. See? =D

Before this, Shizens have products that cover either hydration or anti-aging, this new range is the best of both worlds in 5 bottles.

It was quite an interesting event, with 4 pretty and famous ladies as Guests of Honour.

Me being me, went straight for the make up counter.

Look at all that!! *drools*
Oh wait, there's skin care products there too? =X

We got to try out the the products, but I only managed to try the lip painter. (because I pretended to be demure) The Lip Painter is an awesome product that can be used both as lip gloss and blusher. The cute guy demonstrating told has a good sense of humour. He even wiped it with tissue after applying it on our lips to show that it won't fall off after drinking, eating and kissing.

The tall, red one in the middle. =D

Before picture trying out the Shizens Lip Painter

After applying Shizens Lip Painter to cheek and lips.

The thing about the lip painter is that it's clear before applying,
meaning there's no colour to it,
but it'll bring out the natural colour of your lips and cheeks once applied.
Which is quite cool to try on different people.
You get different results. =D

With the other blogger babes after the whole event. 
Jennifer, me, JQ, Sarah and Choulyin. 

We got full size products as our door gifts, which includes Hydro Liposome Essential, Eye Charm, Lip Painter, and a blingy apple shaped pendrive.

Look at those blings!!

I have recently been diagnosed with having dried skin. It used to be oily. But these products came at the right time!! I'll do a review (maybe). Need some time to try them out first.

Thanks Shizens, for being so generous!!

For the list of products and prices, head on to their Facebook page, or simply click on this link.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


    (because I pretended to be demure)
    I SAW

  2. The blinged pendrive is so pretty! :D

  3. Jeniffer: Don't point out la. >________<

    Hilda: Yesh!!! I love it a lot!!