Sunday, 7 October 2012

Half a leopard look


This is not really a tutorial,
since I can't teach you much.

 More like a sharing?
The tools that I used were simple.

Top: Orange eyeshadow from Elianto (only RM8 but the pigmentation is great)
Bottom: Heavy rotation eyeliner 

I cut my fringe btw.

paint the orange on the part where you want the prints.

I chose the middle range.
Looks a little sunburnt and I like the look.

Paint on the prints.

I don't know how to describe painting the prints.
Just make them random.

The sizes and shapes should vary.
Just make sure that they're not generally too small
and not too crowded.

You have to play around with it a few times.
This was my third attempt and it finally looked convincing. 

Try to make the prints look round with slight bulges here and there.

Here's a close up. 

I even painted a nose. =D

Try and tell me if you find it difficult. =)

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. don't look like leopard. Still look human to me. haha

  2. Your closed up electrfied me liao. *love* ~~~

  3. Kelvin: You humour amuses me.

    Jennifer: I purposely edit it to look more doll-like. =p It worked!! =D

  4. Awww! I love this look. I think we should draw each other's face lo!!!

  5. Dun want. XP I paint your face saja can? =X

  6. wahhhh very nice lor! can you draw my face. LOLOL. RM8 is freaking cheap anyway!

  7. Thanks. =D If you trust me enough. XD Yes, the only thing I like from Elianto is their eyeshadow.

  8. not bad, erm so u spend ur Sunday to do this ke? XD

  9. wow be ur bf really good, can have so much fun with different characters. XDDDD

  10. Kian Fai: Ya. How you know. XD

    Henry: Ya. Now I just need to get a bf. =X

    Tian Chad: Thanks. =)

  11. cute make! Good for Halloween perhaps? =D