Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hair Vs Confidence

Everyone perceives hair differently. 
A lot of girls actually feel more confident with long, voluminous hair, which they would never cut short.
I always wanted voluminous, flowy, long hair, but just on the head.

Other than that,
I'll pass.

That's why, I shave, everyday.
Or every other day if I know I'm not wearing skirt or sleeveless. Because I'm lazy.

If you've never tried waxing, and is terrified to go to the parlour,
try Veet.
I never tried it until very recently.

I've only went waxing once, and I did not like it. Not one bit.

But now I never have to anymore!!
DIY waxing babeh!!

First I was quite scared of the idea of waxing again, so I asked Iris how it felt,
and she said and I quote: "it hurts, but it's the addictive type of hurt. :3"

Suddenly Iris sounds like an SM kinda person to me.

But I still got it and tried it, and suddenly... I sound like an SM kinda person to me too.

It really did hurt, but 0.5 seconds, because well, you're still pulling hair off,
but it's actually.... fun.

Coz you see all the hair stuck to the strip,
and you get the successkid.jpg look. 

Watch these videos on how to use the Veet products.

It really is as simple as it looks. 

So after removing the unwanted (leg and underarm) hair
I can feel that my skin is smoother, and unlike shaving, waxing will let you stay hairless longer.
Less worries is good!! No more shaving everyday!!

I'd be shy to raise my arm if I didn't shave on the underarms are...

Now, I can have more confidence to.... show off...?

Time to revamp my clothes!!

So here's how.

Turning a t-shirt into a dress

Just kidding.
That's no longer creative. It's quite old school. Google it, and you can find loads of ideas.

So, tying is so yesterday, sewing is too much work,
what do you do?

Bring out the scissors of course.

Here's the best way to vamp up your unfitting clothes,
you snip the extras off,
just like Veeting off those extra hair.

By cutting, you can have your own unique designs,
unless you stole ideas from people,
if not,
you'll get a one of a kind t-shirt in the end. 


the before T-Shirt.

Oversized "M"
Being a "quite" petite girl,
M size for men is pyjamas material to me. 

I used to have so many oversized t-shirt in highschool
I can have pyjamas for 1 month if mom quit doing the laundry.

time to revamp that T into something that I don't mind wearing out.

Details details details

The collar part,
with cut outs.

The sleeves cut off, excess shoulder part, cut outs.

Could not resist camwhoring!!

So here's how I'll wear it.
wear it with a really cute skirt.

 Just my new cut out t-shirt,
a cute skirt, and pumps to look feminine.
I suck at doing hair so I skip that part.

Second look

Oh, look, more details. 
I cut out the hemline into a curve,
and made cut-outs along the line.

My newly revamped t-shirt is actually tuxedo themed.
The collar,
and the assymetrical hemline. 
See? Seeeeeee?

I wore the top with high-waist shorts.

or you can just wear it as a crop-top with normal cut pants

And with the cut-out details at the bottom, one can simply tie it up at the back,
and show off a little more. *cough cough*

Wear it to the beach, if you're not confident enough to wear only a bikini top,
wear this. 
Though they usually don't have mirrors and white walls hanging around, let's pretend I'm at the beach.

But all in all, to be confident is to strut your stuff,
even if you don't have the best to show off.

A little help would be better right? >__________ l

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. Cut cut cut cutting clothes my style~

  2. Got Veet for down south tak

  3. I like the tuxedo theme, so man!! Btw, the flat tummy makes me ao much jelly. Sexy!!! Xd

  4. Ryan- you got?

    Bendan- Like you got bulging tummy... --______--lll

  5. How come non of you posted the pics of the hair sticking to the wax? Let guys freak out kejap looking at that!

    By the way, nice cut! :)

  6. Like the last picture where the sun ray shine through...

  7. Wah love the last pic!
    You took it yourself?

  8. Merryn- Someone did post the pictures. I forgot who though.

    Mr Lonely- Thanks.

    Cindy + Charmaine- Thanks, yes, I took it myself. =)