Friday, 5 October 2012

DIY T-Shirt Into Dress!! (No cutting/sewing)

The victim. 

If you look closely,
you can see that the T-Shirt has feet.
*dum dum dum*

like the title clearly states,
I shall teach 

How to transform a huge T-Shirt into a dress without cutting nor sewing. 

If you have your ex-bf's utmost favourite T-Shirt lying around,
don't just dump it,

Here's a great way to recycle it!!

this is my own T-Shirt.

So this is how I look in the huge ass T-Shirt.
It's an XL. I wear S.

Step 1:
Pull your hands out of the sleeves,
and pull the collar down to just covering your chest area.

I know some of you think that you might not fit in,
give it a try first.
The collars are quite stretchable.
If you still can't fit,
read on to show moral support?

Or get a T-Shirt with a wider collar.=X

Step 2:
fold the middle part up a little (if it's too long, or has a logo like mine)
and align the top part with the collar.

If you're short and the T-Shirt is very long, fold more,
if you're average and the T-Shirt is slightly long, fold less,
if it's the correct length, fold juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit.
if you're tall and/or have long legs, I hate you.

Step 3:
Grab one of the sleeves,
and pull it as far to the other side as possible without rotating the T-Shirt.

Fold the bottom corner of the sleeve upwards,

And tuck it into the collar.

Now do the same for the other sleeve.

And voila!! You've got a not bad looking dress!!!

You can wear a belt too.

Or just match it with accessories.

It's very simple.

If you don't have an over-sized T-Shirt lying around,
Carrefour use to sell men's T-Shirts for around RM4 per piece.
(Not sure if they still have it now)


Try around with the folding and tucking of the sleeves and parts of the T-Shirt to get different effects.

Since it doesn't require cutting, you can retry again and again for different designs!! =)
Have fun!!

Any guys who usually wear L/XL and has unwanted T-Shirts
which are still in good condition but you don't wear it,
feel free to donate it to me. =p

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. If you're interested in altering your clothes, why not give the Veet it off contest by Nuffnang a try? =)
The grand prize includes:
RM 1,000 Cash
1 x Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 worth RM1,300
One-year supply of Veet products worth RM500

Why not right? =) 


  1. Wah not bad hor!!
    But why u hate me ar? XD

  2. It's a piece of dangerous dress lol

  3. Charmaine: Because I want long legs too...

    Iris: It's actually quite secure if you put on a belt. I tried shaking very hard and it didn't move at all.

  4. I thought you're joining the contest :P Hehehe you should you know!

  5. I will. With a different design. =)

  6. wow! you are amazing leh!
    I just reuse my brother's old XL shirts as Pyjamas!-_-! haha

  7. lol.... u can save someone with that Tshirt too! HAHAHAHA

  8. Ms. Bulat: I use to wear them as T-Shirts too. Still do. =X

    Henry: Save someone? You mean give it to the homeless?

  9. serious? wow! creative weyy! :D

  10. Thanks. =D Try it and see if it works. ^_____^

  11. Very nice design... Pls dun hate me..

  12. Thanks Cindy. It's more like secretly envy more than hate. =X