Monday, 3 September 2012

The scars

So here's a tutorial on how to create amateur looking scars.

You can use it on any part of your body,
but I'm demonstrating on the face, 
which is actually not advisable coz I'm using glue for false lashes...

You will need:
1) A face or any other body part that needs a scar as decoration.
(what kinda sick person are you?)

2) A knife.

Doesn't matter what brand it is,
I just want to show off my swiss army knife. 

Just joking. 
Now carefully put the knife away. 

2)Liquid foundatoin or BB cream,
3)glue for false lashes,
4)red lipstick
5)brown eyeshadow,
6)cotton pad,
8) **MOST IMPORTANT A really good oil based make up remover

Tweezers and scissors should be prepared.
In case it doesn't work out you can just cut yourself.

Ok, not funny joke. My sense of humour seems to have dried off.
Or maybe it never existed. *le gasp*


rip the cotton pad into small pieces with all the rage you've collected in your heart.

Then, stick all the rage on your face with eyelash glue.

Paint on some foundation to the cotton and surrounding skin.

The colour might not look the same as your skin colour but it doesn't matter.
You'll see why later.

Get your brush and dab some brown eyeshadow

and randomly dab around the "scar"

Use the red lipstick to create a slight bloody look

Dab randomly around and on the brown eyeshadow that you've randomly dabbed on.

Then take the liquid eyeliner (which I didn't mention in the "tools")
and randomly,
seriously, very randomly
add strokes onto the scar.

If it's not random enough, it'll look faker than it already is.

So I screwed up and decided to make it more "3D"
so I added more cotton on it.

Repeat the foundation and eyeshadow part

Now add more random lipstick slashes

and to finish the wound,
use a darker shade of brown

and add some shadow to the shadow.
Yo dawg.

If you edit the colour enough,
you might actually look convincing.


And finally,
there is how it looks like
when your skin peels off.

I used it on my wrist for a pic in a previous post. 
Yup. Looks pretty convinving. =D 

I do not promote self mutilation. That's why i'm teaching this tutorial... (?)

If you want to seek attention, do it with make up.... (?) 

Don't hurt yourself for someone who doesn't love you,
If someone loves you because you hurt yourself, 
you should get away from that sick bastard!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

If you scroll back up without reading the words,
it would look like how a scar healed. =D


  1. That actually looks really disgusting... well done. :)

  2. Interesting ! :D thanks for the tutorial!! I need someone to teach me basic make up esp eyeliner and contouring..

  3. Eyeliner post maybe, but I fail at contouring... =(

  4. The slashed wrist looks pretty real leh... scary!

  5. Merryn: I am successful!! Woots.

    Isaac: Scars are yummy? Okay... *slowly walks away*

    Iris: Good idea. Next post!! =D

    i was reading it at midnight and the edited one really freak me out! nice~ now i know how to make that!