Friday, 21 September 2012

The lizard-ish skin

Hey!! I'm back with yet another lazy tutorial. YAY!!

Was suppose to go karaoke today,
but plan failed.
Seems like I do tutorials everytime my plan fails.


thetutorial is to create a scaly look.

The stuff that I used:

Clockwise from 12:
Purple eyeshadow
Garnier BB Cream/ tinted moisturizer
Green palette from Sephora's makeup kit
Red/Brown palette from Sephora's makeup kit
White eyeliner from Maybelline
Eyeshadow brush (Laura Mercier)
Ettusaid golden eyeshadow

And my awesome face of course. =D

The steps are quite easy,
but it takes times and patience
(like the other looks)

1. Apply BB cream/ foundation
2. Draw numerous conjoint butts on your face
with the white eyeliner

Here's a better view/ version of the conjoint butts that I drew. 

They don't have to be in a consistent sequence.
Be random. 

3. Swipe on a thin layer of golden eyeshadow on the butts.

So it's not obvious.
If you observe the hand below,
you'll see that it's slightly shimmery.

4. Dab some brown eyeshadow 
(as pointed by the brush) with the brush

 and lightly press on the butts,
and slightly pull the brush upwards.
Refer to the pic below. 

See what I mean?
Press the tip of the brush down,
and lightly lift it upwards,
so that the eyeshadow will fade upwards.

5. Add the light green on top of the faded part of brown. 

Just lightly tap it on top of the faded part of brown.
Don't mix them up. 

6.Apply dark green shadow from the green palette 
7. Apply dark purple eyeshadow below the eyes.

And voila!!

The purple under the eyes is a good way to hide dark eye circles by the way. =X

Of course you can play around with the colours,
or the shape of the scales.
Like this one below is more condensed and they all stick together.
The tone is greener too.

And this one has looser conjoint butts, 
and a different way of applying eyeshadow.

So have fun with it.

Don't be afraid to experiment and find your own way
and try it with your favourite colour maybe.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. Do comment. I didn't even try to be funny in this post.
Just straight forward tutorial. Tell if you prefer the almost funny versions or this one. =)

Oooh, and if either The Scars and The Joker post hits 300 views, I'll do a Captain Jack Sparrow-ish look. =D So do check them out. Only if you haven't.

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