Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The annoying Twitter

So I've switched my life from being active in Facebook to being active on Twitter.

Facebook has become too boring with all the political stuff splashed across the Newsfeed. So what if someone used photoshop to make more attendees at an event? Do people even bother to look at the pictures in the first place? I didn't even know where that picture came from if you didn't post it up. Negative publicity is publicity too... The thing about creating bad publicity when your opponent is already doing it for themselves, is that it shows how low you punch. Just shut up and take my vote.

Anyway, so I switched to Twitter.

But Twitter is getting annoying too, if you follow the wrong people, which is my case.

You know how you added your friend of Facebook, and you find out how emo or teenage drama queen he/she actually is, and you can't unfriend coz they'll be offended? It's the same thing for Twitter, but for Facebook, at least you can put that friend in a list, and he/she won't show up in your Newsfeed anymore.

I use to rant a lot on Twitter too, then I followed these Teenage Drama Queen Wanabees (who, from this point onwards will be known as TDQW) and I realize "I guess people don't need one more TDQW on Twitter, so I only post rants when I'm sick or really upset, coz well, I'm emotionally unstable when I'm sick, and I can't think straight when I'm sad.

The most overused for no reason expressions on whatever social media. 

I'm irritated with people who use LOL or ROFL/LMAO when there's obviously nothing funny about the situation. I don't see how people will be happier or less irritated with your behavior when you use LOL. It's like someone is really sad, and you say something and add "LOL" at the back, and the person will miraculously feel less shitty. No, doesn't work that way.

There's so much ranting on Twitter, I wish some people would start a blog and dump all their shit there. At least people who read your blogs really care enough to click on the link and read it and comment on it.

People rant about everything on Twitter. About how their colleagues suck, about how their fairy tale life sucks, about how their parents suck, about how the weather sucks, about how their spouse sucks, about how dreadful they feel because some idiot made their day bad, etc.

If your college fees are too high, well maybe you should start working part time. If you knew your parents aren't well off enough to sustain your Chatime or Starbucks, maybe you should start drinking plain water and start working.

If your college fees are too high for your family, why the heck did you go to college? My results sucked, honestly, but I still went to public uni. Sometimes, it's the mentality. I knew my parents won't be able to afford college fees, so it's either public uni or working life. Well, glad my ass was lucky enough to land a spot in a public uni.

It's acceptable if you rant about things once in awhile, but 10 tweets a day about how your life sucks won't make it better. It makes my twitter timeline miserable. And I dun want to unfollow you because I still consider you as my friend.

So, if one day I finally unfollow you, please know that I'm sick of your constant whining. If you're offended, well please know that I've put up with your whining for long enough.

To compensate your burning, here's a pic of me, camwhoring.

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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