Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Mistrusting oneself

I think it has come to the time
when I feels lost
in my... twenties...?

I call it,
the mid-twenties-just-graduated-not-long-ago-have-a-job-but-life-going-nowhere-specific-crisis.

So after a few crazy and fun posts,
I've decided to be emo. --______________--lll
Not hardcore cut myself emo. I use make up for that.

I'm going through a dilemma that I'm sure everyone has faced.
If not, you lucky bastard, I hope you feel it soon. wtf.

No, seriously.

It's the time when my heart says "yes", but my brain says

"Hey heart, according to the past memories which I have carefully stored, I would have to advice you to be cautious, for I have had enough experience to know that this would burn".

Scumbag brain it is. Hence, the pictures above.

Actually I just decided to make the pic that way.
and just goreng some philosophy-sounding-carp out of it. Yup.
That's how I roll.

Used AI for the pic.
Say I've improved on AI? Please?

Anyway, back to the topic,
I dun trust my brain, nor my heart.
It sucks when you have to rely on others
when making decisions for yourself.

Being an adult sucks. =/

Other than earning and spending my own money. I love that.

But being 24, I guess I feel old in a way.
Coz most of my friends are younger,
and the older ones somehow seem to have a life direction.

So if you're in my situation,
would you listen to your heart or your brain?

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir


  1. Relax ya, you're taking life way too seriously. Just chill and hang out with good friends more often. The light will eventually come, and when it does you'll look back at this episode and wonder why all the emoness.

  2. I'm sure my parents disagree with "you're taking life too seriously". They would say the complete opposite.

    But yes, I'm sure I'll look back one day and the only thing I'll like is the pic. XD