Sunday, 16 September 2012

Henessy Artistry 2012: Round 2

So last Saturday was the second HA of 2012.
My second time to HA too.
First time was the first one in Penang. 

Well thanks to Caroline,
I got to go "release some stress". 

The waiting lounge.
We waited there until they opened the hall to let us in,
but we got to drink anyway. 

We were in Zone O,
which was one floor higher.
Had to climb some stairs to get there.

Sucks to be drunk when getting down. =p

I wasn't interested in the music. 
So, it was quite boring for me at first.

The music didn't start to get better until after 12.
The bad thing about being upstairs
is that the sound didn't travel up to us. 

But after 12, 
I got loosened up
and started to enjoy and dance. 

The couple who had to take care of  me. 
Thanks Eric and Caroline!!!

Before the music started getting hot,
I was checking out girls with Zhao.

So many girls with skirts just long enough to cover the ass.
I bet if the guys sat with me they'd enjoy the view too.

My favourite group picture. 

Well this one is quite awesome too. 
Despite being a little blur. 

Met a few ppl who came all the way from Penang.
Met my highschool junior and had a nice chat.
Got to know someone better. 

I had quite a few glasses of berry and apple. 
But I cheated.
I asked for very little alcohol. XD

By the time I was warmed up and ready to party
we had to leave already. T^T
The problem with going in someone's car...

But well, 
I enjoyed myself anyway
and was really glad I went. 

I'll make sure I warm up sooner for the finale,
so bring it on Henessy Artistry!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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