Monday, 3 September 2012

Biore Body Powder Wipes

Biore has come out with this product
which I find really, really useful.

Body powder wipes.

It's like wet tissue,
but it gives a powdery finish,
and it literally leaves your skin feeling softer and scented.

 Like the Cleansing Oil-cotton , it comes in this resealable pack,
and the texture is cotton like. 

Now why would you want this?

Well if you're staying in a hot and humid country,
this is very, very handy.

Imagine you've been out all day,
you stink of sweat and your body is as sticky as melted candy.
You have a date but no time to bathe.

This will be your hero.
Trust me.

It takes away all the stickiness
and leaves your whole body
(or wherever you wipe)
with a really light, pleasant scent.

Or for me,
like the cat I pretend to be
this is very handy when it's cold and/or I dun wanna bathe... =X

It's small and easy to bring around,
so I pop it into my recently upgraded blackhole (bag)
and just use it whenever I feel sweaty

or when I forget to apply perfume... 

If you put it too near to your nose,
the alcohol sensation will run up your nose,
so beware.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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