Thursday, 9 August 2012

BR queue up= cheapskate?

I believe if you're a Malaysian, you'd know about the Baskin Robbins event.

If you're not, well basically Baskin Robbins gave out free scoops of ice-cream from 8-10pm on 8/8/2012.  One scoop for one person that is.

I read how so many people laughed at the "dumb" and "cheapskate" who queued up for the one scoop of ice-cream.

Because these people have never been really poor, they can never think from a poorer person's point of view. If I never had the extra money to splurge on expensive ice-cream in my life, I would queue up for that free scoop. If I never earned enough money to bring my children to BR before, I would queue up for that.

I saw pictures and captions saying:"Never had ice-cream before". I'm sure they've had ice-cream before, but not everyone can afford BR, there's finally this chance, so why not? Got that through your arrogant head now? Just because you have the money to get it, doesn't mean everyone else has that privilege.

I read people walked pass the queue, paid for their ice-cream, walked off and bragged about how smart they are for beating the queue. Do you know how stuck-up you sound for bragging about that? If you have the money and would rather pay for it than queue up for it, by all means, do it. You don't need to brag about how "smart" you are for not going to queue up.

So before calling others "beggar" or "cheap", think if they really deserve it.

If you called those people "cheap" or "beggar", shame on you. Not everyone there deserves to be called that. Of course there really are "cheapskates" who can afford it but still chose to queue up, but they don't hurt you for queuing up, so why do you care? Unless you're the one who couldn't afford it, then I feel sorry for you. 

If you went to queue for it but caused traffic jam by parking your car where you shouldn't, double shame on you. Because you caused traffic jam for something that you can afford. 

I know it's hard for privileged people to think from a poorer person's point of view, but at least don't be rude. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~


  1. wow..strong points and strong words..what i despises about it is not how ppl queue up for free ice cream..but rather the insincere thoughts of Baskin Robbin in that particular campaign.

  2. i LOVE this post!!!

  3. Gosh, couldn't agree more with this post! People are just so jugdemental nowadays -__-

  4. Hilda: I think it's because of the ease of social media. Everything done is magnified and ppl can express themselves so easily.