Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Yes I've watched it.

Before you watch it,
please put aside your memories from the past Spider-Man films
because one would tend to compare,
and difference comes in an abundance,
if you just insist on comparing it to the most recent 3 movies.

It was hard to watch because of technical issues.
I hope it's just for our screening coz
if not
a lot of people will go home feeling like they need (new) specs.
Half of the screen was blurry during half of the movie.

Movie started slow because they have to redefine Peter Parker's history.
The Amazing Spider-Man has a new story for Peter Parker.

I think the new Spider-Man is closer to the comic version,
because well he's more witty.

Unlike the old Spider-Man,
he talks, is carcastic, (and jokes) more.
The old Spider-Man is just so sad and pathetic.

There aren't a lot of LOL moments,
but this is not a comedy, and you do get an occasional snigger.

It's not action packed, but it doesn't lack action either.

The Amazing Spider-Man goes into more detailed life of Peter Parker,
and you'll see more interaction between the characters
and a better developed storyline.

Like all movies there are slow and fast parts,
and I think they have a balance in this film.

Stan Lee totally stole one whole scene. =)

I would recommend it,
but do put your logical mind aside,
and put your old perception of Spider-Man next to your logic,
and you'll be able to enjoy it.

Unless you hate lizards.
Did you know that the villain in this movie is a

It's coming out this Thursday,
so before that,
watch all the trailer!!

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir!

and there's a few awkward parts when Peter Parker and the oh so pretty Gwen Stacy start to make out,
made more awkward when the couple next to me was super lovey-dovey,
and I'm sitting next to a dude who I just met.

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