Monday, 25 June 2012

Girl with the dragon skin tattoo

The modern day dinosaur.

It can grow up to 3m long,
is agile despite the size,
has a strong, muscular tail which is used to whip down its prey
and one single chomp by a Komodo can kill.

How cool is a Komodo Dragon?
It has the ability to see as far as 300m,
can make its prey loose the ability to retaliate with venom
or even kill with the venom,
has a keen sense of smell
is very strong
is a good swimmer
(Kicks-ass on land and water).

Has really tough armored skin.
Also able to take up preys that are bigger than itself
without breaking a sweat 
(geddit? Lizards don't sweat. Nvm)

Oh unlike The (ugly) Lizard
that Spider-Man is going to face,
imagine what kind of superhero I can be with the powers of The Komodo.

With it's agility in my frame,
I'll be as agile (if not more) than Spider-Man.
Sure I can't swing around,
but a spider can't swim can it?

Navigating through the sewer is a better way to get around

The sewer line goes everywhere,
and no one goes down the sewer.

(Other than IT.)

It's a good way of going undercover.
(Geddit? Under the cover? NVM).

The ability that a super hero needs?
Eyesight- can see as far as 300m,
Sense of smell- can sense up to 9km
Thick skin- natural armor,
Venom- render my enemies powerless,

and good looks (ahem)
that will captivate the male villains 
(well maybe they'll just wonder how long it took to do my make up)
and STRIKE when their guards (and jaws, hopefully not pants) are down!!

I call this:
The what-cha-looking-at-you're-gonna-get-your-ass-kicked-stare.

If all fails,
I have all the ability to turn into a villain
and get a come-back in another movie.

MUAHAH..... ok, not yet. 

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I could actually work as a double agent between super heros and villains!! 

Oh the fun~ =D


  1. Ok the scales damn cool wei...make up??

  2. *clap* hahah, dat night u did this make up got sendiri sked sendiri or not?

  3. Yup. I had a lot of fun with it!! =D Gotta put my skills to use.

  4. Kian Fai: Nola. Not scary pun. =D

  5. oh my.. looks so cold blooded! LOL

  6. LOL.. no la,,u look so artistic..So cool!! Seriously..I am not that daring to try all these make up..