Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The title says it all.
There are not much surprises as he really is
a vampire hunter/slayer in the movie.

The storyline is simple.
Abraham Lincoln's mother was killed by a vampire.
He wanted to avenge his mother,
but the simple motive evolved into something more,

Well it's just mass vampire slaying.

Is it a great movie?

But it's decent.

It doesn't follow the real life history
of Abraham Lincoln,
for example they never mentioned his sister,
and only 1 son was mentioned.

If you're good with USA history,
particularly Abraham Lincoln's,
you'll think that this is just bulldroppings.

if you put all your skeptic mind away
and just watch the movie like another fictional story,
it's not bad a watch.

Expect some jumps coz it's a vampire movies.
Vampires have a thing for jumping at their prey nowadays.
The old vampires were more graceful.
They simply walk soundlessly towards their prey and attack.

vampires jumping out from nowhere,
50-50 talking and action.

They tried to make the USA civil war into a
vampire/human war.
Well if you have a free mind,
you could just take that as
"weeeelll, it's possible".

Because they had to squeeze Abraham Lincoln's life
into two hours,
you should expect parts that are missing.
It's logical.

No made up ways to kill vampires which I'm thankful of.
Sick of people coming up with stupid ways of killing vampires.
Silver is still the best bet here. Or off with the head.

There were a few successful scare scenes
because Caroline jumped in her seat a few times.

You know what happened in the end?

The end.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. the movie seems scary eh =X

    btw, please support my video yeah! you can find that in my latest blog post! :D the number of hits and likes will affect my final assignment marks! thanks yeah!

  2. It's a vampire movie, so yeah, a certain amount of "scares" is needed.

    I watched, liked and commented your video. =D