Wednesday, 16 May 2012

They said I couldn't be what I want

So I became a doll.

Close enough.

There was once a girl who didn't really care about her appearance.

There was a time she dressed up as a boy
and had really short hair.

People called her ugly behind her back
but she figure it out,
and didn't really care anyway.

Then one day a guy decided to place a bet
cliché, I know.

Well the bet was for the girl to become more ladylike.
Sounds like a movie?
Full of bullclichés.

The girl started to try and look nice,
lost some weight in the process without really trying

and she was obsessed with how she turned out.

She kept improving her look
and became the queen of vanity
in her own universe of course.

From make up to hair
from hair to clothes.

And then when she was in her teenage-going-to-adulthood transition,
she learnt that looks really matter a lot,
no matter what they say about the heart.

Bimbos will always live an easier life
than a smart not-so-attractive.

People will first like what they see
which will bring them to decide if they want to find out how they feel.

So she worked harder to improve her appearance,
spent more than she should on artificial stuff,
so that she can impress,

So that she can say:

With enough effort and makeup,
any girl can become a doll.

But the most important thing that a girl really needs,
is the support from her loved ones,
no matter what she decides.

*excluding doing stuff that would hurt herself.
Like peeling onions.

Oh look,
one more.

This post is obviously just to show off my vanity.
Because I suddenly decided to curl my hair
and I need a reason to curl my hair,
So I convinced myself that I need to update my blog.


That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. With nice pictures comes a lot of editing.
Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing
it's ok not to be ok.

If you know where the randomly inserted lyric is from,
you're awesome. =)


  1. We all wanna look good. :)

  2. Well not really. Some people just don't care. They wear crumpled dirty looking clothes and go out with messy hair...

  3. is ok not to be ok? HAHAHA i like this! HAHAHAHA

    anyway what's "*excluding doing stuff that would hurt herself.
    Like peeling onions."?

    peeling onion?! LOL

  4. wait what? U curl your hair? which part of it is curly? :D

  5. Henry- It's the lyric from a song. =p
    Only Jessie J fans will understand.

    Merryn- It's wavy by time I started getting nice pictures. I didn't use spray to hold the curls.=(

  6. Peeling onions hurts the eyes. =p

  7. wah so many nice bimbo pics of u! hahahhaa... anyway, u can always peel onions without having ur eyes hurt, just put it inside the water. Kaw tim :)