Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We went through the creativity killer

Back to black.

I always envy how the westerners could be so colourful in high school.

Although if I had to choose and outfit everyday for high school,
I would probably have a to pop 2 panadols everyday,
and have stomach problems by the age of 20,

but I think the rules in school kill the creativity.

Why so?

I came from schools that were really strict with our appearance.

in primary school

Spot me!!

I think it's quite tough. =p

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In high school,
our hair cannot be longer than 3cm under the ear.

That's when you wish your ear reaches a little longer down.
Our fringe weren't allowed to touch or be longer than our eyebrows.

I feel sorry for those who have high eyebrows.

Same group of people,
but in high school.
We all went to the same school so you can see what the girls in our school looked like.

Try and spot me again.

the best hairstyle for my school's hair rule is Cleopatra's,

 but shorter.

We can't wear any sort of necklace,
or accessories of any kind.

When I went to France,
I stayed with a "foster family"
and their children get to wear whatever they want to school.

The boys just wore pullovers and jeans
but the girl was more of a goth fan.
Though she didn't wear black lipstick,
her outfits were practically black all over.
She wore ripped black leggings to school sometimes.

And I find that really cool.

They get to wear chained bracelets,

I don't know if that's allowed,
but that's what they wore to school.

One of the boys had long hair,
and the other one used to have long hair.

I bet there are students who dye their hair there now and then
since there are natural blonds, red heads and brunettes,
the school can't restrict hair colour to just black.

They can wear make up to school.

I think it's nice to have the freedom to express themselves through clothing
or hairstyles/colour.

I thought there would be more freedom as I grow older, but

Even in (public) uni we can't wear what we want.

If we wear skirt or shorts,
there will be people staring at us like 
if they concentrated enough,
it will make the attire miraculously grow longer and cover up our legs.

Same goes for sleeveless.

I don't see the offence.

Legs are not in any way connected to sexual stuff,
dirty minds, on the other hand
connect anything to sexual stuff.

A banana is a fruit,
if your mind is dirty enough,
a banana could mean something else to you
and girls cannot see them
because it might cause them to have sexual thoughts.

If you're Malaysian,
you probably know what the cough is for.

It's not logical to be all wrapped up
when we stay in a hot country like this.

I'm not saying that you should disobey what your religion tells you,
I'm just saying 

Don't judge others by the rules of your religion.

What I want to say for this post is:
What is wrong with expressing ourselves through clothing?

I know there must be boundaries,
but some rules are just meaningless, a waste of money and time.

Take the school rule of having short hair for instance.

It is a waste of money because I have to cut my hair every month.
Luckily hairdressers in Butterworth don't charge like the ones in KL.

If they charge RM20 for a haircut,
I might go broke for attending high school

and I won't get the chance to go broke for attending uni.

Forever a loan.

what does attire have to do with knowledge?

The limitation to attire and hair styles is a creativity killer in a way.

We can't come out with different ways to tie our hair,
different ways to dress up,
how to mix and match,
how to reuse old clothes and make them look trendy again.


it's a challenge to creativity at the same time.

We become creative in finding loopholes in the rules
and make things go our way
without being caught.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. If we don't get to go crazy with our look in school or uni, 
we won't be able to do it at work.

Unless you work with a fun company who doesn't care what you wear.

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  1. sorry i didnt read each and every word of ur post... too long =X
    but anyhow, i cant recognize which one is u laaaa. haha that's why they said girls change 360 degree after 18years old!