Thursday, 19 April 2012

Marvel's The Avengers

I think everyone would have imagined that they could become
a super hero,
either when they were a kid,
or they still do.

Well I still do.

Especially when The Avengers is coming to our cinemas soon.

I want to save the world.

Save the world from pollution.

 Captain Wonder Planet

It's lame because I want to be the hot version of Captain Planet.
So I stole Wonder Woman's "Wonder".

How I'm going to grow green long hair and bigger boobs when I turn into a superhero
I have yet to figure out.

No mask is needed coz I don't have green long hair or boobs that big.

So I'm basically Captain Planet with long hair *cough*and big boobs*cough*

The dress would be dark green with blue lining.

If you don't know who Captain Planet is,
you're either old,
or very young.


So what can Captain Wonder Planet do?

since from the drawings you can see
she wears a low cut short dress.

As you would probably have noticed,
most of the bad guys are dudes.

You know what controls men best?

Wonder woman's wonder.

If you can see
on your left side in the picture,
Captain Wonder Planet carries some ropes.


It is a whip.

One of the reason that Wonder Woman was used as a muse *it rhymes*
was because of my love for whips.

I know she doesn't use a whip,
but it look and sometimes works as one.

I even have a whip app on my phone.

You flick the phone and it gives out a whip sound.


If Captain Wonder Planet's
boobs doesn't do the job
of convincing the baddies to stop littering,
she'll whip them
and go all dominatrix over them.


Pick those garbage up you bad boy!!


I'm so enjoying writing this.
I think I'm a dormant dominatrix.

The whip is used to defeat female polluters too.


Bring your own bag, you plastic bag hoarder!!


Although she's a savior of the planet
by stopping people from polluting it,
she could always join in The Avengers
and kick  whip some asses.

But every superhero has a weakness,
and Captain Wonder Planet's weakness is:

Dum dum dum!!!

Cute guys!!

Not a lot of cute guys are bad guys. =/
So she's safe until a bad guy decides to get plastic surgery!!

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. That depends on if you are good.

  2. lol that's definitely the hero that gonna save the world! haha

    and whip in ur phone apps? =S u are abusive weyy! =p