Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Woman In Black

The movie is wicked scary.
I went to watch if because of Daniel Radcliffe...

And I regretted like crazy when I was going through it.
Coz I've stopped being a fan of horror movies
since a few years ago.

These three girls were in the first scene.
They died.

How and why
you will know when you watch it. 

Had to search for a few pictures to show here
and I'm reliving the scare.

it's a nice movie.

Because I closed my eyes whenever I sense a scare coming.

It's about a man (Daniel Radcliffe a.k.a Arthur Kipps) 
who works in a law firm
and who is sent to a small village for work.

In that village
there is a rumour/curse about a woman in black.

and well she's the root of all horrors.
Other than the creepy toys that one boy has in that creepy house
Arthur had to work in. 

Why would people give such creepy toys to kids
I will never know. =/

With the help and (en)courage(ment)
of another villager,
Arthur tries to finish his work
in the creepy mansion on an island.

(Like creepy mansion isn't scary enough
it's on an island that's reachable through a road
that would be covered when the tide comes in)

And there he encounters that lady in black.

As the story unfolds,
you will know who the lady is
and why is she so scary.

My eyes were closed for almost 30% of the movie.
Because I was too much of a chicken
to face the horror like a (wo)man. 

Remind you of some other movie?

the movie was all scary because of the sound effect.

After I got out of the cinema,
everything was fine.
Maybe cause the target were children,
and pedobear disapproves me. 

Maybe cause something else was running through my head.

I was scared again
when I was searching for pictures for this post. 
because all the pictures are so scary. T^T

I guess I'm actually a big fan of his
because I wouldn't watch a horror movie otherwise.

It's overall a nice movie,
but I don't like the ending. 

It's not a movie for those who are easily freaked out/has a good imagination. 

That's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~
p.s. I just hope the darn lady wouldn't scream so much. 


  1. This is a horror? I thought was mystery. Shit... I hate horror movies and I have good imagination, means I can't wait.