Monday, 12 March 2012

When you don't have a car in KL (part 2)

Unrelated I'm-so-tired-but-still-have-to-pretend-to-be-happy-for-the-sake-of-nice-picture picture. 


This post won't be as sarcastic or witty as the previous one,
(if that was how you find it)
so if you're looking for something funny,
maybe you should go to Sarcasam? Puh-leeze!
(Trust me, he's sarcastic.

In a good way.)

Because I'm all sour partially coz I'm scared.

If you haven't read the funnier, more picture, part 1 of the same title,

Well maybe you should read this grumpy version first
then scroll down a little to that post
to make you feel a little better.

this is more of a complaint.

I was on my way home from Pavilion
to celebrate my friend's birthday yesterday. 

Staying in Subang,
it's out of anyone's way to send me back,
if my friends had cars,
which wasn't the case.

I had to switch from walking to monorail,
to LRT, to walking and to bus
just to get home.

Because the bus just don't bring and stop anywhere you want.

My friends were facing almost the same problems. 

I was fine until the final walking and taking the bus part
coz my friends were with me in the LRT. 

While I was walking from the LRT to the bus stop,
a man yelled across the street at me.

I kinda panicked
coz well,
someone yelling at me would make me panic,
more over, it was a stranger,
wearing a helmet and a huge jacket.

My first thought was:
Should I run? 

I think too many people have been robbed and
sometimes killed because
they were nice and tried to help someone.

(Reading too much news makes you paranoid somehow)

I was walking alone,
and the nearest people were about 10m away.

If anything happened,
(like if he snatched my bag and jabbed me with a knife)
they would be too late to help.

See what I mean by paranoid?

My mom would tell me

But well, I didn't.

So I just went ahead and talked to him as he walked over.

Well turned out he just wanted to find out where the Hilton was.

Which was just next to us
with obvious bright blue lights that spelled out "HILTON".

I just assumed that he can't read
I helped,
so I walked away.

Waited for almost an hour for the effing bus.
It was 9 something at night,
I was tired and I just wanted to go home.

When the bus was finally here,
it was crazy crowded.
Which was logical.
Because so many people were waiting for so long.

Had to wait my turn to get on the bus,
which means standing and waiting till there's a space
for me to get on
without physically touching anyone.

But the lady behind me just decides to push me
like I'm the door and I need to get out of the way.
I would totally bitch slap her if we were alone.

Got on the bus and I thought everything was fine,
I could be un-bothered for the rest of the night. 

Because someone explained Murphy's Law to me
and now I'm blaming everything on him.

When I got to Sunway Pyramid,
some lady just decides that she's thin enough to squeeze in between another girl and I.

She would fit
If she was half her size.


Please people,
PLEASE assume that you're fatter than you think you are.

If you think the space is kinda small,

I was standing near the door,
there was the "barrier".

Well basically I was cornered by her fat ass and squashed against the "barrier".


She saw that I was squashed
and not a single fuck was given.


Sometimes it's not really about the public transport that pisses me off,
it's the people.

If everyone who took public transport
would behave,

queue up when we're suppose to,

let people out before they get in,

not push anyone who's standing in front of them,

not stare at people because we're wearing too little in their opinion,

taking public transport would be less painful. 

Well it's be nice too,
if people would let people with heels sit down.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

p.s. Those who don't have a car in KL or surrounding areas,
do leave your problems in the comment,
and if there are enough,
I'll compile them and make part 3. 


  1. I have to agree, but if you're staying in Subang, it's waaaay worse. I'm scared to drive into KL because of all the cars and jams and stuff, so i usually just take the LRT and monorail. I totally feel your pain. =/
    The funny thing is, people think they're skinnier than they are when squeezing into small spaces, and yet when they're walking/driving on the road, they think they're so much fatter than they actually are. *jackiechan.jpg

  2. oh my . . . . sorry to hear the story above :P anyways, feel free to gib me a short msg if U need help ok? :P