Monday, 26 March 2012

Judge Judy- Are we so different?

It's a show about court cases
with a real (sometimes mean but just) judge,
real people and real cases.

And what you see is real.
(Or so they claim)
You'll know that how really stupid and how really irresponsible some people can be. 

I believe that behind every case
there's a story.

Sample of people being incredibly irresponsible
and they don't think that they're irresponsible.

There are a whole lot of similar cases.

What I learn from (the people who appear in) this show:
1. 4 out of 5 people under the age of 25 who appear in that show have more than 1 child.
Seriously. I'm surprised that there are so many under aged pregnancies in America. I would even say that 3 out of 5 people under the age of 20 has at least a child. 

2. 7 ouf of 10 people use or used drug, mainly marijuana. 

3. the word "lease"
Which is a contract you sign when you rent a house. If there are other meanings to that word, well it didn't occur in the show. 

4. don't loan anyone money unless he/she is a first degree relative by blood.
There are too many cases in which ppl loan others (spouse, friend, neighbour, relative, etc) money and are unable to get the money back. The reason is not that they can't pay the people who loaned them money, it's because they took the money as "gifts". Hell, I won't give anyone money as a "gift". 

5. Some of them think it's normal to have been arrested.
When the judge asked if they've been arrested, their reply was:"of course".

6. The word "incarcerated".
Every time I heard the word I think of "incinerated". =/ My mind is somewhat twisted I guess. Incarcerated means put in prison.

7. 4 out of 5 people have been married AND divorced AT LEAST once, regardless of age.
And they usually share children. Imagine having about 5 half siblings from a few different fathers/mothers.

8. There are a lot of dumb blonds there. And not necessarily good looking.
They think that everything should be done their way.

9. There are people who are so greedy to the extent that they con people, and go to court and try to legally get money from them. They usually fail in this show.

10. Learn to shut up.
There are too many cases where the plaintiff was winning the case/the defendant was winning the counter claim, UNTIL they became too smart and added something against their favor. I have no idea why some people can be so stupid. Just shut up when you're winning.

There are also people who just won't shut up. When the judge is speaking, shut up. If you want to defend yourself, wait till she gives you the chance. If she has made up her mind, your babbling will just mean gibberish to her. And it leaves a bad impression.

Here's an example:

11. It's normal for them to drop out of school.
4 out of 10 people who were on the show did not finish high school/college, and are mostly jobless. They stay with their parents and don't pay rent or anything, but still make children who they can't afford to bring up.

12. Don't move in with someone who you've known for less than 1 year.
Sometimes couples move in too soon, and when things don't work out, they end up suing each other for the rent and living expenses and stuff.

There are a lot of stupid cases in which children sue their parents for throwing them out of the house because they weren't working or contributing to the household in anyway, but some are very touching. They bring some stories to light, and you'll learn that there are ALWAYS two sides of the story. 

After watching about 100 of these cases, I conclude that there are a lot of dumb, irresponsible people with no moral compass in USA. They can sue whoever for whatever reasons. 

But other than that, it also makes me think, is Malaysia so different from them?

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~

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