Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Hunger Games

Watch the trailer first and my review would make more sense. 

Yes, The Hunger Games is coming out in cinemas today.
But I've watched it yesterday. 

Lucky me. =D

Thanks to Benjamin
I get to watch the movie before it's on cinemas,
and gain readers for the review. 

And thanks to Nuffnang for giving him the tickets.
(and not giving them to me. sour)

The Hunger Games is actually a very cruel and brutal reality show
that chooses 2 (teenage) "tributes" from 12 districts each
to fight till death. 
Only one will win.
The more popular cast.

Though Liam Hemsworth (far right) was more of a minor role here.
Still prefer his brother.

Oh you dunno his brother?
Chris Hemsworth. 
a.k.a The hunkalicious Thor.

Back to the movie.

So this girl in the poster, Katniss Everdeen
volunteered to join the Hunger Games
because her sister was picked.

She knew her sister would not survive
(she looks like a normal little girl)
so she volunteered
because she's stronger.
Both physically and mentally.

A guy (Peeta Mellark) was also chosen from the same district
(district 12).

After saying super brief goodbyes,
off they go to the Capitol
where the people dress up like
they don't have a mirror.

And there,
they meet the tributes from other districts,
and impress the audience from the Capitol
so that people will sponsor them useful items
when they're in the game.

With the help of fellow District twelvian
the forever slightly or terribly drunk Haymitch
who was once the champion,
they venture into the forest
and start their fight for survival
after some training in combat
and an interview to get the attention of sponsors.

The film has it's ups and downs.

You would expect the movie to be an action flick,
but that's only half of it.
The second half.

The first half is more on talking,
which is important to explain the whole wooha to you.

There were snooze-buttonish times
when they get sentimental before the game,

but when the game is on


People get killed like mosquitoes in the Hunger Games.

And to increase the show's rating,
the producers of the reality show could add stuff to the game.

So basically the tribute's lives
depend not only on their survival skills,
their wit,
their strength,
the mercy of other tributes
but also 
the mercy of the show's producer.

There are suspense moments that were laid out very well.

I would have been sweating from suspense
if the air cond wasn't so cold.  

There were mixed feedback,
so I guess you have to watch it
to say if you like it.

There was a slight twist somewhere in the middle,
which was untwisted
and twisted again.

And there was a love triangle
between Katniss, Peeta
and Liam Hemsworth's character
which I dun remember the name.

Because he was not important. 

Katniss was first in love with LH's character,
but when you're stuck in a killing spree
and you only know one person
who is of the opposite sex,
weird things happen.


Watch it,
I'd say.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~


  1. huhuhu! I might watching this on next week :D

  2. lol. hmmm probably i should watch it this weekend!

  3. Kian Fai & Henry: Go. It should be worth it for the first watch.

    Xue Ren: Thanks. =D I'm glad you liked it.