Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Draw something!

If you haven't tried this game
and you have a smart phone,
you should try it.

Because it's fun and more importantly
it's FUNNY. 

It's a game that let's you show off you drawing skills. =D
*cough* lied *cough*

Here are a few pictures that I find funny/interesting. =p
With no intentions of shaming the person who drew them.

You could try guessing. 
answer will be below the picture. 

So scroll down slowly.



This next one is very tricky.


This one is just funny. 

It was supposed to be pet food,
which I guessed.

But well,
apparently my colleague feeds his cat wisky.


As you can see from the answer I typed,
I have no idea why i think it looks like Kobe.

Kobe Bryant that is. 

Next looks easy,
and you may guess it's a mustache,
but it's not.

Nose hair

Then we have words.

Even with words,
I have no idea what he wrote. 

It looked like P iii g. 

I have no idea what comes after piiig.

The answer was actually Pong.

He wrote Ping.



The rest were some of my art work.

Jordan was no. 23.

Somehow I connected Beckham to Jordan.

Make your own connection to understand
why I wrote no.7.

it really is fun and funny. 
See how much fun I had trying to guess
what the people drew?


Just give it a try, fast,
coz it's getting cold already.

that's what J_Fish has to say~ Au Revoir~